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June 7, 2010

i was at a nearby grocery store to buy myself some toiletries and food earlier and i was standing in line to pay for the things I have, I noticed a man holding a bottle of water and a piece of marble cake behind me. i reckon he’s a laborer just by looking at his blue jumpsuit, dusty hands and the hard hat he’s wearing. he was curiously counting at all the coins that he’s got (mostly 25 fils) to probably check if he had enough to pay for those two things in his hands. my heart sank as i looked down on my freshly painted nails and all the unnecessary things i bought for myself out of impulse. who knows if this guy is having just this meal for the whole day of hard work under the sun? i felt guilty and selfish as i have complained about my measly salary and the fact that i am always on a tight budget every month while that guy may not even be earning half of my salary and he’s got more physically challenging job than i have. i glanced back at him and saw his glum face as he waited for his turn at the cashier….. i’m not being dramatic or anything but i can clearly see the tiredness in his eyes and with that i had to fight back my tears.

without thinking twice, i asked the cashier to include the man’s items on my bill….

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  • Reply Marissa June 8, 2010 at 12:51

    I am so proud of you. You made me cry. We share the same sentiments. Complaining about those none sense things that we want, which we don’t actually need. Wanting and needing are two opposite words that mostly complicate our lives. I remember one commercial back in manila wherein a girl is complaining of not having another shoes or shades to match her dress, then she passed by a cart wherein a child is sleeping not having any food…

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