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Rules of the dancefloor

August 16, 2008


We (MonMon, DenDen and I) went to Chi/Lodge last night. An out-of-the-blue totally impromptu plan. What can we do? We live to party. Sooner or later, we’ll pass this “party-fever” stage, but until then, we’re all just a text away for any hip happenings around the city. So the night was all good, VERY good. I must say, Jambase may have the best music but Chi/Lodge’s got the cutest eye candies. Too many good-looking men and women there last night. Left, right, front or back – wherever you look, for sure you’ll see one of them. It was a celestial night I think, when all of the gods and goddeses of beauty went down to earth to party with us – the lowly human beings.

The night consisted of us mainly uttering these phrases:

Pogi alert!!! Pogi alert!!!! – pogi is the filipino word for handsome, so need not expound on this.

Shit! Ang cute nung nasa likod mo! – Shit! The guy behind you is really cute!

Asan na yung gusto kong isayaw? – Where’s that guy I want to dance with?

Pogi ba yung nasa VIP? – That guy at the VIP area… is he cute?

Ewan ko! Malabo mata ko eh. – I don’t know, I have a very poor eyesight. Damn!

Type ko yang nasa likod mo, palit tayo ng pwesto. – I like that guy behind you, let’s switch places.

Who says which???? It’s only for us to know. Ha ha! We’re not boy-crazy, mind you all. We just appreciate beauty in its finest form. And with all the people last night at the lodge, oooohhhhh lala they are oh so fine. I’d be a hypocrite if I say that looks doesn’t matter. Of course it does, you won’t take notice of somebody if you didn’t see anything worth-appreciating on him/her after all right? So looks definitely matter. But without brains to back it up, it’ll be useless. It’s a total turn-off for me if a guy is a no-brainer, even if he looks like Jude Law it wouldn’t matter. But I can give free tutorials. Hahahaha!

Anyway, inspite of all these eye candies there were still “sour” candies inside the club. Don’t mean to offend anybody but sour candy for me is classified as –

* having a bad smell

* dressing badly (waist band of the pants comfortably situated right on top of your belly, lots of people dressed like that here in dubai. hehehe)

* old enough to be my children’s grandfather (do take note that I have no intention of having a child in 5years time)

* drunk (and it’s not even midnight)

It irritates me big time when these sour candies push themselves on me, no means no. And some other body gestures mean no as well, such as –

* if a girl is avoiding eye-contact with you, she’s not interested.

* if whenever you dance closely to the girl that you’re trying to impress she distance herself to you, trust me – it’s not a new dance move. She’s plainly not interested.

* if the girl’s friend suddenly pulled the object of your affection away from you, it means the friend is saving the girl from a social suicide. Don’t feel bad, move on to another girl.

It works the opposite way around for the eye candies. Haha!

So…. All in all, it was a fun fun night. Pleasing to the eyes. 😀

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