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Sometimes, I’m not really sure how people live their lives. Do they have a full grasp of the reality or they have this make-believe world in their head that they somehow incorporate to the real world that they live in? Today, I had a passenger who wants me to arrange a holiday for him in Europe. He’s got 15 days and he wants to visit – Paris, Nice, Geneva, Zurich, Rome, Venice, Milan and Barcelona. I shit you not. I just stared at him like he came from Mars or something because it is really out of this world. I’ve no idea what he plans to do for 15 days with all those places in mind or if he does have a plan at all. Maybe fly from one city to the next as soon as a photo is taken from a popular tourist spot? Did he even do a bit of a research on this particular vacation that he’s planning or did he just woke up this morning with one thing in his to-do list: LET’S MESS UP THE HEAD OF A POOR TRAVEL AGENT TODAY.

Next came a client who’s got one clear destination in his mind – Greece. So that’s great I said because he clearly knows where he wants to go so I asked him how many days would he like to spend there and he said 3 days – which is still ok. Short but ok. Now here comes the unbelievable part, he wants to visit Athens and Mykonos in all those 3 days. So I told him straightforward that unless he’s got a machine which can help him teleport himself to Mykonos to make this happen then he won’t have this vacation because I won’t be able to do it. In fact, I’m not even going to try. At some point, I had to show him a map of Greece:

You think you're a fast swimmer?

You think you’re a fast swimmer?

Yes, I am the consultant and you come to me for professional help with your holiday but I think some people needs to have psychological help first before seeking advice from us, travel agents.


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  • Jelkie May 24, 2013 at 22:52

    Haha 😀 great!!

  • Dolce Diana May 19, 2013 at 14:50

    hahahah im crazier than your client then! RTW trip in 20 days!!!! 😀 Dubai-Abu Dhabi (had to depart from there)-Helsinki via Munich-Ivalo-Lapland(yes i stayed in the glass igloo!)-Frankfurt-Miami-Bahamas Cruise-Miami-Abu Dhabi via Frankfurt-Amman-Petra and all-Maldives :p lets just say that i loved it and hated this trip lol. my excuse was had to use free tickets and discounts before i resign :DDDD and to think i wanted to add romania and hungary to that, hahhahahah

    • Pinay Flying High May 19, 2013 at 15:42

      I felt dizzy just by reading your itinerary. You are crazy. :p

  • trainwestcan2espano February 13, 2013 at 03:48

    One night stands, he just wants to walk down Champs Elysee and ride the Grand canal, fly in fly out style.

    • Pinay Flying High February 13, 2013 at 19:37

      I don’t even think he can walk down in Champs Elysee in style, he may fly if he can to fit the whole itinerary. :p

      Welcome back on wordpress. Good to know they logged you in. :p

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