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September 26, 2009

I just finished editing the whole blog (to my liking) and finally sorting out the blogs on its right categories (so now i have my little list of categories on my side bar). While doing so, i can’t help but laugh on the past entries. If there is one word to describe my life in general it would be – FUN! I had fun (amidst all the dramas) during the entire 25 years of my life.

My favorite posts are:

1. Things which bothers me most.
– i vividly remember that jeepney incident like it happened yesterday. wahahahaha. i suddenly miss Makati, Philippines. The Kingswood Condominium days, the Travelex days, the Providence nights….. bummer!

2. It’s a ladies night!
– i suddenly missed Carissa and Mica, my long-lost-divaful-friends…. 🙁

3. Ang Mga Kalalakihan
– i swear this gave me a good laugh. i don’t even remember half of the guys written here. hakhakhak. boy-crazy i am.

4. Times when we still have loads of mullah.
– why were we so rich then and so poor now?

5. Another one of a great weekend.
– and where do we find the strength to do it every weekend?

6. During the days when we were not yet broke.
– definitely missing these days….. oh well.

And of course, i just have to repost this from yet another of my past-dated blogs. :p

Panchito (not his real name) and his six-year-old son boarded the elevator in their building. There were two other passengers on the lift: a middle-aged Australian and his young Filipina wife. The Australian was a friendly sort-he looked at Panchito’s son and boomed, “Hello! How old are you?””I’m six,” the little boy replied.

“You’re too big to be a six-year-old!” the friendly Australian said.

“You’re too old to have a yaya (nanny),” the little boy said.

Panchito was unable to take note of the Australian’s reaction, or that of his wife. He was too busy looking for an elevator shaft he could throw himself into.

Source: Jessica Zafra’s blog

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