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December 13, 2008

We’re still fragmental beings. Unless otherwise specified. :p I am now beginning to feel the presence of the unexpected. I am so dying to talk to Alex right now but he himself is in a deep shit with his girlfriend… so, no wise words from him just yet.


* While we’re having dinner with his two other friends, he blurted this out in front of everybody else: “She’s most likely a great girl. No, let me rephrase that, she’s a great girl.” And come to think of it, the “girl” he’s referring to is me. 😀

* After one of my fearless anecdotes about the topic of conversation, his friend said ” wow! You’re a smart girl ” then faced the person in subject ” she’s a smart girl! “. The subject responded – ” I know, she’s the brains between the two of us.” 😀

* After a very interesting conversation over a meal, one of his friends told him ” I like her! ” and his response was… ” I do too… ” 😀


Can’t help but get my hopes up. Yep, that’s me. :p

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