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May 14, 2008

So! Start of the much awaited long weekend. Where am I? My sorry ass sitting on our couch. Pathetic ain’t it? Anyways, got a call from someone earlier. Rather not mention the name. Well, ok. Starting to be the jerk-proof that I wanted to be. So… I declined. 🙂

Denden’s asking where my December blog entries are? Hehehe. I had to keep it in private. I got in trouble because of that December entries. Hehehehe. If you’re really very curious as to what it is…. Check my myspace account. It’s all there. :p

Was talking to Chubby earlier. Next to Alex, Chubby’s one of the ears to confide to. Well, him being a gossip is such a good thing for me. :p The conversation became interesting when Brokeback mountaineers came into the topic. Oh! and some other things as well. I’d rather not mention. It’s all about turtles. Haha.

Alex on the other hand sent me a message – Seychelles, is fantastic! Wish you were here. That coming from a friend who’s having a vacation with his girlfriend in the romantic island of Seychelles. I arranged the tour for them and he was inviting me to join them. WTF? What am I going to do in Seychelles with them? Am sorry, but I would love to go Seychelles with someone I can be romantic with and not with lovebirds. Am I supposed to keep score?

Which got me thinking… I have a handful of guy friends who remains just that – friends. No more, no less. So yeah, for me…. a guy and a girl can be just friends. Having a guy friend is good. You get to have an unbiased opinion on matters related to love, relationship and everything in between from the opposite sex. Alex was always there for me in times when am at my weakest. Ready to give me his honest to goodness opinions about my nonsensical problems. He was my brother from another mother. And there’s Rhayan, the highschool friend. We started off in a not so good terms. Well actually, I hated his guts and he hated mine. But for some unexplainable reason, we got along. So well that I can openly tell him whatever bugs me. Every single thing and he does the same too. I can’t imagine myself having a relationship more than what we have now with this two. Just the idea of it makes me cringe.

Anyway, moving on. I do hope the jambase plan will push thru tomorrow with the girls. Missed them and missed the night scene. About time to break the dry spell for me. Though am still coughing, so i’ll be the coughing girl on the dancefloor. Hmmm… not a very pretty sight.

Right, am off to bed.

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