Rants of a travel agent.

** just because I know you personally and vice versa, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I will give you incredulous discount on any services that you’re going to take from me. I’m not working for any government office so whatever bribery you give me, I CANNOT and WILL NOT give you AED500 discount on airfares. That’s just wishing for too much.

** in connection with the above rant, acting like you’ve known me since I first saw light in this world (read: feeling super duper close to me) will not make me want to give you that unimaginable discount that you want. So just shush it because I might not even give you the discount that I am allowed to give if you don’t stop this pathetic and pretentious act of being my super friend.

** just because I am your kabayan, it doesn’t mean that I can move mountains and drain the sea for you. If the flight departs at 10am which means that you will lose 1 day of your Europe trip then it means that the flight departs at 10am with or without you. I cannot, as you have requested, do something about this flight timing of the airline. I. AM. NOT. GOD.

** the rates on the website are valid only on the website. Even if you go to the airline directly, they will charge a small percentage of the fare from the website as a service fee. So if you will come in our office and accuse me of looting you, then by all means go to the airline office and accuse them of the same.

** it’s not my fault if you don’t have your own credit card to use for ticket purchases on the website. If you’re going to use another person’s card, then you will have to come to our office so we can physically swipe that person’s card, thus entailing you to pay for the service fee and the bank’s surcharge. That’s how life is, cruel.

** if you ask me, what’s the use of having a travel agent when you can just as easily buy your ticket on the website which is a lot more cheaper, then my answer to you is: so that someone can do your reservation for you and you won’t have to do it yourself and book the wrong date of travel (which is 1 month ahead from your WEDDING date). If you did that mistake, then no we cannot do anything about this as I have no access to your reservation. If the airline tells you that the ticket you just booked is non-changeable then you only have yourself to blame. Nobody else.

** telling me that you will give me a free bottle of perfume (tester of course) will not make the flight to Cairo magically open up for reservation during the month of June. A peak season is a peak season, with or without a bottle of perfume.

Wuuuuuuuuuuuuu sssssssaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………..


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