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October 13, 2009

Random topic # 1: i like busy days. those days when you literally have no right to pee or eat lunch because if you do, a pile of work will fill your desk which will then make you stay a little longer inside your office finishing some quotations, ticketings and reservations. i had that kind of day earlier – i loved it!

Random topic # 2: i need to go on a diet. although the boyfriend thinks i should not (which we all know that he’s just saying that because he’s supposed to say that) i can feel the extra inches on my waist. too much of it.

Random topic # 3: speaking of the boyfriend… he reads my blogs. (hello there!) i found out about it tonight while on the phone with him when he suddenly asked me why i called him a drunkard on a previous blog. well, he never gets drunk whatever the number of mojitos he drinks or beers he order he will never get drunk. i think it’s easier to find santa claus in the amazon jungle than to see the boyfriend drunk. me thinks. he’s funny though:

Mi: halooooooooooo
the bf: hello pretty… i’ll call you back so you won’t get charged for the call…
Mi: ok…
Mi: (after 3 seconds, still on the line)
the bf: what stupid? are you retarded??? how can i call you back if you don’t hang up the phone???

Random topic # 4: i fry chicken wings perfectly!!! i sh*t you not! i like my chicken wings deep fried and really really crunchy. so crunchy that you can practically eat even the bones. yum yum! i will eat it with ketchup and worcestershire and rice. heaven!!!!

Random topic # 5: my birthday is coming up (next week) and this is the saddest birthday ever.. i literally have no plans for the BIG day and thinking about the fact that it falls on a thursday makes me want to bawl… i hope my dubai friends (deny and kiki) will pity me and throw a really big birthday celebration with a bang for me!!!! BANG! BANG! BANG!

Random topic # 6: i have a new perfume though – Kenzo Leau Par and am going to use tomorrow at work. I feel like an elementary student who gets too excited to go to school the next day because i got a new shoes to show off to my friends. well now, i got a new scent to show off to all the smelly people coming into our office.

Random topic # 7: seriously, why don’t they take a shower everyday????

Random topic # 8: the wedding thing is getting me all giddying and gaddying – in a not gibberish language – it’s getting me excited. it’ll be my first time to host something which will mark a milestone to someone else’s life and alex told me that i should feel honored that i was asked and trusted to do that job for them. so i am honored and excited!!!! can’t wait for May 15, 2010.

Random topic # 9: it’s only 22 days more…. 🙂

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