Random Musings

Random Ramblings at the Airport while waiting for EK332 (reposted from multiply)

September 26, 2008

Where: Costa Coffee Area at Dubai International AirportTime: 0136, 19Sep

1. Am a travel agent. How come I still have a bottle of perfume on my handcarry bag??? ’twas confiscated of course. And that was the NINA RICCI POUR JOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRR….

2. I love travelling but I hate taking plane rides. It makes me claustrophobic and you really don’t have much things to do to kill time inside a flying capsule for 8 hours.

3. I hope I don’t get to sit beside a talkative/snoring/frequent washroom user passenger.

4. I got an aisle seat at the middle section. I want a window seat so I can rest my head against the window and sleep. Poor me.

5. I just got an email at myspace asking me “can you be my soulmate?”, and i threw up inside my mouth.

6. My eldest sister is online now and is worrying too much about me travelling back to the philippines alone. Her sister who backpacked around Europe, who survived 6 days inside the hospital all by herself and her sister who’s been living in Dubai all by herself for a year now. Weird huh?

7. Am worried if the money am bringing home is enough. I don’t want to swipe the credit card, so……… I do hope it’s enough as it already crushed my savings.

8. Am going shopping in the Philippines!

9. Am going to have a photo op with Simon, one of my photographer friends. And I brought all the dresses that he requested me to bring.

10. Am excited to see my dogs…. hmmmm….. well ok, am excited to see my family as well. hehehehe.

11. I don’t want to think about the surgery – the main reason why am going home.

12. I have been awake for 20hours already.

13. I hope Chubby picks me up at the airport when I come back from my vacation.


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