Random Musings

Random Musings on a Thursday Night

September 4, 2008

1. hating your Ramadan timings won’t make it shorter. Just accept the fact that you’re in a Muslim country and have to observe such work timings. Just be thankful that you have a pretty decent job.

2. running at 10kph on the treadmill after eating a heavy lunch will result to severe tummy ache.

3. you will never catch a C2 bus at the bus stand during the rush hour (3pm), the result will be 2hr wait at the bus stand without having your lunch and finally deciding that it’s better to just stay inside the gym and wait there until 6:37pm when the restaurants finally open at the mall for iftar and have your lunch/dinner before going back to work at 8pm.

4. the view from fitness first Burjuman’s second floor is not at all a sight to see. it shows you that dubai is one big construction site.

5. there are people who, after working out all sweaty and smelly will have the guts to sit across you on the leather chair with their feet propped up without even wiping off the sweat from their body and you will have a silent debate with yourself whether or not you will transfer to another seat or stand your ground and make sure that you keep the original seat that you have. the first one is always a good choice, specially if the person did a lot of cardio exercise, making niagara falls lose its grandeur with the amount of sweat they produce.

6. mango milk shake is a very good thirst quencher after tidying up the weights inside your gym

7. the ladies’ comfort room of fitness first burjuman smells like shit all the time

8. Chubby knows me too well now, it’s scary!

9. Someone likes me. And that’s something to really smile about. 🙂

10. Red is a sexy color.

11. Even the most cramped, sturdy, pig-sty room will be a heavenly retreat for you if you’ve had just 4hrs of sleep the night before, spent tossing and turning just because you slept for an hour during your non-working-ramadan-hours.

12. A cold KFC chicken tastes like a classy peking duck in the wee hours of the morning, when you suddenly realized that you have not eaten dinner yet and your stomach is rumbling non-stop.

13. Hot weather can change your menstrual cycle like crazy. :p

14. If you’re killing the 5-hr vacant time before you go back to your office, you will have the urge to call just anybody who’s available to talk even if you really don’t like talking to that person.

15. you will always come across the person you’ve been trying to avoid for the longest time just when you’re not looking your best.

16. Split-shifts can make you ramble more than usual.

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