Expat Life in Dubai

Random musings 7hours prior departure time.

October 6, 2008

1. I was not able to eat Tuding’s porkchop during this 2-week vacation and that sucks big time!

2. I hate leaving home. I thought it will be different this time but it’s just the same. As I have earlier said, can i just sleep and then wake up to see my Dubai room around me?

3. Vilma Santos is a good actress, I was watching cinema one most of the time. Wow! Ganun pala talaga pag OFW ka na, na-aapreciate mo na ang Tagalog movies. hahahaha.

4. Am happy that they’re all happy to see me.

5. Am happy that I was finally able to do that photoshoot with Simon but he just won’t give me the pictures yet ‘coz he’s playing a smart ass.

6. When you’re missing somebody, don’t dwell on it. It will only make you miss them more.

7. On that note,  can I just say that I am seriously in trouble when it comes to love department? Like prior incidents, I have turned down someone for no reason at all. Well, there is a reason – i still like that someone who obviously doesn’t like a single bit of me. My love life is seriously going bonkers.

8. And on that note once again, I am nursing yet another episode of my heart aching.

9. Physical hurt is more endurable than an emotional hurt. Endurable – is there such a word?

10. Being bitten by a blood-sucking mosquito at the tip of your middle toe is itchy like hell. It’s itchier than a mosquito bite on your arms. I wonder why.

11. Putting a cross with your nail over that part bitten by a mosquito will somehow lessen the itch. But putting a double cross or an asterisk over it will make the itch fade.

12. I just made number 11 up.

13. I have my period and it’s such a great time to have it. Just when am about to board a plane.

14. I really do hate plane rides.

15. I will miss home. 🙁

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