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July 17, 2010

Random Conversation 1:

Gay friend: he is sooooo cute!
Mi: who?
Gay friend: Roberrrrrrrrto
Mi: the Italian guy?
Gay friend: yes, he looks so good I want to applaud everytime I see him.. raise my hands up in the sky and scream, good job God! good job!
Mi: hahaha. you’re crazy!

Random Conversation 2:

Passenger: are your nails real?
Mi: yep!
Passenger: (grabs my hand and peeks under my nails to check if it was actually growing out of my fingers) oh my god!!! it’s real!!!! i love your nails!! where do you have it done?
Mi: upstairs, dragonfly inside fitness first.
PAssenger: is it expensive?
Mi: yeah it is… but the staff are superb, too bad they’re not giving discounts to regular clients (shame on you Sam! shame on you! :p)

Random Conversation 3:

the boyfriend: do you have any porn stars in the Philippines?
Mi: not sure about porn stars but yes there are a lot of bold stars in the Philippines..
the boyfriend: give me one name, i’ll google it.
Mi: some of my friends told me i look like one of the bold stars there, her name is Krista Ranillo
the boyfriend: (googles the name) oh my god! you look exactly like her on this photo and this and this and this (pointing of course to the images on his laptop screen).

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