Ramen For Autumn

Bone Daddies, Richmond, London, England-107
What's the best antidote to the cold and rainy autumn in London? A bowl of delicious ramen from Bone Daddies and maybe an autumnal walk would be my answer.

Happy Halloween! October is my favourite month of the year. Apart from it being my birth month, I also think that it’s when London is the most beautiful with its autumn colors. Yeah it might be rainy, gloomy and cold but the colors of autumn always perk up my mood. 

Bone Daddies, Richmond, London, England-108

We decided to try out the newly opened Bone Daddies in Richmond, a ramen joint with lots of branches all over the city. I’ve had it in my list of to-visit restaurants and was so glad when I found out that they’ve opened a branch close to me. They were also offering 50% discount at the time to launch this new branch, a lot more reason for us to go there. 

They don’t take reservations but thankfully, we got a table quite easily when we went there at 2pm for a late lunch. They have two floors, the first floor was packed while the second floor was empty – possibly kept that way for ease of service.

Pork Pork Chili Chili at Bone Daddies, Richmond, London, England

I had Pork Pork Chili which wasn’t chili at all for me while the husband had the original tonkotsu. The broth was so good and warmed us up instantly. The broth alone is a meal by itself. :p They also didn’t skimp on ingredients and we both had a generous serving of pork belly meat together with Clarence Court egg, beansprouts, spring onions and additional pork mince for me. 

Original Tonkotsu at Bone Daddies, Richmond, London, England

We also ordered some bao buns to share – Crispy Duck, Fried Chicken and Chashu Pork. I loved the duck while the husband gobbled up the chicken as the other two buns were too sweet for his taste. 

Bao Buns at Bone Daddies, Richmond, London, England

Our only concern was, the bao buns were served after we’ve finised the ramen. We were hoping to eat those as appetisers but that’s something we can easily get over. Not the end of the world. Lol. 

Autumn in Richmond, London, England-108

We thought that a walk after that heavy meal would be good so we went to Richmond Green with high hopes that we’ll get an outdoor table in one of the many pubs in the area. 

Autumn in Richmond, London, England-103

Unfortunately, all tables were taken so we decided to go to our favourite pub in Richmond Hill instead – the Roebuck and sat at one of the benches overlooking the River Thames. 

Autumn in Richmond, London, England-101

That was a Saturday well-spent! Went home with a full belly and more autumn photos of London for my instagram. :p

Bone Daddies

26 Hill St, Richmond TW9 1TW

For more information, visit their website.

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Bone Daddies, Richmond, London

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