Ramadan in Doha 2015: Iftar at The St Regis Doha – Ramadan Souk

Iftar at The St Regis Doha

I was impressed by how organized everything was during the iftar at The St Regis Doha. From the moment you’ve entered the property, a number of attendants will direct you towards the ballroom where the Ramadanak Souk is at. As soon as you step out of your car, hotel staff are waiting to greet you and lead you towards the venue of the iftar. It left a very good impression on me and thought that this is going to be a really good iftar I suppose. However, that good impression ended as we reached the reception and was told that they couldn’t find our reservation. I have made the booking the day before and was actually a bit concerned that something like this would happen as the person who took down my details couldn’t get my name right even after spelling it out to her dozens of times. I was a bit relieved though when she asked for my mobile number, I thought that if they had my mobile number – it doesn’t matter if my name was written correctly or not however, even my mobile number was not showing in their system. Lol. Luckily, they were able to provide a table for us which I was afraid they won’t be able to due to the number of diners lined up for their iftar.

Iftar at The St Regis Doha

They claim to have the biggest dessert spread in Doha, I believe them. :p

The whole venue is huge with a lot of dishes to offer. I love that they have not only Arabic cuisine but also some other specialties like Asian, seafood, Italian and even burgers. Yum! The centerpiece of the whole venue was this incredible spread of desserts. I’m not into desserts but it did make me want to check it out because of how it’s been designed.

Iftar at The St Regis Doha

Say cheese!

Iftar at The St Regis Doha


There was a huge variety of food on offer which many would consider as a good sign but for someone with an attention span of a toddler like I am, I was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer size of it all. It’s so big that you’d burn calories right away as you go around the venue filling your plate with food. I attempted to try at least a dish in each section but it was just impossible for me. So I focused on the dishes which I know I would love – seafood and Asian.

Iftar at The St Regis Doha


Iftar at The St Regis Doha

Pasta station.

Their calamari was enjoyed immensely by myself and their crab meat burger was a unique dish to offer during an iftar – but that’s not to say that it wasn’t well-accepted by the diners since the serving plate for that dish is always empty and the person manning it was having such a hard time to refill it to meet the demands of the hungry diners. :p Of course I couldn’t skip the sushi station but another favorite of mine which I just can’t miss was their rolled up peking duck. Yum!

Iftar at The St Regis Doha

Just a part of their sushi station

Iftar at The St Regis Doha

Are you addicted to burgers as much as I am?

We enjoyed the food and the venue but the service could be improved I suppose. The staff lacked…. finesse. They were taking plates out of our table without even asking if we’re done with it or not. And if they do ask us, they’re already holding our plates with their fingers touching some of the food in it that we won’t have any other choice but to say, yes we’re done with it. I found it funny but for a property such as St. Regis, you’d expect a bit more than that.

Iftar at The St Regis Doha


Iftar at The St Regis Doha


We did enjoy the food though and more than anything else, I actually enjoyed the company I was with so I’m willing to overlook the lack of finesse from their staff and not let it affect my overall impression of St Regis’ iftar. You definitely should try it specially if you enjoy having a variety of food choices during your iftar. Just make sure that your reservation is confirmed under the correct name and mobile number. We used my Entertainer voucher for this iftar so we only paid QAR230 for both of us instead of QAR460.

The St Regis Doha – Ramadan Souk
QAR230 per person for Iftar

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  • Nancy April 16, 2018 at 16:51

    Can I apply for visit visa without an NOC from the company here in Dubai?

  • Mitzie Mee July 1, 2015 at 09:07

    I really hate when they want to take your plate before you’re done. Sometimes I wonder whether those “do not disturb”-signs can also be used when at the buffets:)
    Mitzie Mee recently posted…Los Angeles: Silver Lake ReservoirMy Profile

    • Pinay Flying High July 1, 2015 at 11:40

      They actually should just wait until the diners leave their table to go towards the buffet spread. It’s a bit annoying really. :p

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