Ramadan in Doha 2015: Iftar at the Ramadanak Tent in Grand Hyatt Doha

It’s quite hard to keep up with friends who have kids since you can’t really go out with them as freely as you want to. A lot of preparation needs to be done before a mother can go out child-free and that too, is a limited time. That’s why when an opportunity to meet one of my Mommy friends became available, we immediately booked an iftar for ourselves at the Grand Hyatt Doha to use my Entertainer voucher. Fast forward one week later, we arrived at the very lavish and incredibly royal-looking Ramadanak tent of Grand Hyatt Doha. It’s absolutely stunning that it doesn’t need any filters or photo editing. It’s probably the prettiest Ramadan venue I’ve ever seen so far this year.

Ramadanak Tent at Grand Hyatt Doha

An entrance fit for a king.

Ramadanak Tent at Grand Hyatt Doha

It’s so pretty!

The dining area was set at The Grill restaurant which was already packed and buzzing when we arrived. The buffet spread was great with a salad station, seafood, Thai, meat, grills and of course desserts. Of all the iftar buffets I’ve been to, Grand Hyatt Doha’s was the most organized. The buffet area is not humongous, huge venues with so many things happening around me normally overwhelms me as I wouldn’t know where and how to start. But that’s not to say that Grand Hyatt Doha’s iftar made you feel like you’re missing out because it still offers a great deal of choices when it comes to food. I realized that a good presentation somehow makes you want to eat more – not a good sign if you’re on a diet. Like myself. Well, I’m on an endless diet anyway.

Ramadanak Tent at Grand Hyatt Doha

Salad station

Ramadanak Tent at Grand Hyatt Doha


Ramadanak Tent at Grand Hyatt Doha

Seafood station

Ramadanak Tent at Grand Hyatt Doha

Thai food station

I’m not very good with pacing myself in buffets. I tend to fill my first plate with just about everything that I can find and end up with a full stomach after that. Exactly the same thing which I did during this iftar. My first plate was filled with shrimps, octopus, mussels and a bit of salad. The second plate was full of all kinds of meat – minced chicken and chicken curry from the Thai section (both were extremely spicy!), kebabs and the lamb. The lamb was made of pure win, I must say. I think it’s the best lamb dish I’ve ever had – it’s crispy on the outside with a bit of fat enveloping the very juicy meat inside. I had to refrain myself from moaning out of satisfaction for each and every bite of that lamb dish.

Ramadanak Tent at Grand Hyatt Doha

Tasty kebabs!

Ramadanak Tent at Grand Hyatt Doha

This lamb!!! Ooooohhh la la!

After the second plate, I was done! I can’t consume any more food. Too bad because there were still a lot more dishes that I haven’t tried. I went over to their dessert station but as some of you may know already, I’m not really into sweets. As appetizing as it looks, I wasn’t keen to try any so I just took some more photos. :p

Ramadanak Tent at Grand Hyatt Doha

I was tempted to get some pieces out of that apricot tower from the bottom just to see what will happen. :p

Ramadanak Tent at Grand Hyatt Doha

Looks nice, yes?

Ramadanak Tent at Grand Hyatt Doha


I took one scoop of ice cream which served as my only dessert for the night. We ordered tea afterwards to somehow calm our intestines down. Lol. It was a great iftar buffet spread so imagine my surprise when Grand Hyatt Doha sponsored the meal for me. Yay!!! I missed their Ramadanak Tent media event as I was still on a holiday at the time so they decided to sponsor this iftar instead for me. Can’t be thankful enough! I guess I will have to use my Entertainer voucher next time. 🙂

Grand Hyatt Doha – Ramadanak Tent
QAR250 per person | Tel No: 44481234

I was a guest at Grand Hyatt Doha’s Ramadanak Tent iftar however as always, opinions stated are genuine and in no way influenced.


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  • Mitzie Mee June 29, 2015 at 14:20

    Iftar buffet in tents are the best. It makes me feel like a real bedouin. PS: I like how that big mama squid is overlooking the seafood buffet:)
    Mitzie Mee recently posted…Los Angeles: A long walk and a quick facialMy Profile

    • Pinay Flying High June 29, 2015 at 16:27

      Didn’t even notice the big mama squid until you mentioned it. Attention to detail! :p

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