Rain, rugby and zombies.


Last Friday, we were invited to go to Rugby Sevens for free. I’m not really a sports fanatic but the free beer sold the game to me. It was already drizzling that morning (I know right? Rain in Dubai, a miracle!) but when we started our way towards the sevens stadium it was bright and warm. Halfway though, dark clouds hovered over our cab and lightning strikes from a distance. We all had an optimistic thought though because it’s Dubai, it never rains that hard in Dubai. We were to be proven wrong.

As soon as we got inside the stadium, huge drops of rain started to shower upon us. Here in Dubai, it is rare that we get those huge drops as it’s always a few minutes of drizzle and then it stops. However, that day was biblical for Dubai standards. The rain didn’t stop at all. We were all drenched, like we just took a shower or something. The covered part of the stadium was of no help at all, I guess nobody really anticipated such heavy rain. The game however, did still go on. When we were all shivering from the cold, we all decided to seek shelter and went to the nearby Costa Coffee stand. We had some beer and food while waiting for the rain to stop. It did stop, thankfully and so we went back to the stadium to watch the game.


Even if I don’t understand a single thing about the game, I had loads of fun. There’s nothing more exciting than being with the fans, live in a stadium – cheering and singing with them. At some point, I heard myself screaming: TAKBOOOOO BILIIIISSSS TANGAAAAAA!!!!! (RUN FAST STUPID!) Seriously, it was that fun. It was England and Portugal playing and we cheered for England for no particular reason, maybe because they were the underdogs or maybe because the color of their uniform was pretty. Or maybe, because we were surrounded by English fans and we didn’t dare cheer for the opponent for the fear of getting mobbed by hundreds of drunk people around us. England lost by a point.

All smiles for a wee bit of break from the rain.

All smiles for a wee bit of break from the rain.


At around 6:30pm, the rain began pouring once again and we decided to leave before we catch pneumonia. The bus service doesn’t start until 7pm and we thought that it would be good if we go there early to catch the first bus. Little did we know that almost everyone thought of the same thing. So we were there, waiting for the free bus ride for about 30 minutes. All of us were cold and most of them drunk. We were divided according to the destination of our choice – Irish Village, Mc Gettigan’s JLT, Barasti etc. etc. Anyway, so first bus came and a few people just ran towards it without really knowing where it was going. Second bus came and it was the same thing. By the third bus, we joined the mob but failed to catch the bus. So at that time, we couldn’t get back to the line anymore so we were just in the field waiting for another bus with some other extremely drunk people. The kind of drunk with no clear reasoning anymore (one girl wanted to break-in a parked bus because she was cold). Anyhow, so we waited and waited until another bus came. A small one, people just ran for it and pushed themselves in. One guy who luckily got in the bus opened his window and called out to his two friends to climb over the window to get in the bus. The two guys did and it really reminded me of one of those zombie apocalypse movies where in the humans are just desperate to get in any moving vehicle to save their lives from the zombies. It was freaking hilarious.

After probably half an hour later, I spotted a big bus from afar but didn’t say anything, I just slowly walked towards where it’s coming from. My friend who unfortunately had a big mouth blurted out with pure excitement in her voice: THERE’S ANOTHER BUS COMING! and I had to shush her to calm her down just so other people won’t see it and we can finally get inside this one. We walked slowly and I noticed some people who heard my friend doing the same thing. But then, more people noticed where we’re headed and they started running… so did we. By the time we reached the bus, it was a whole mob behind us and the driver couldn’t get past through us anymore as we were blocking his way. We begged, pleaded and sang to the bus driver and his comrades to open the door for us and let us in. After a few moments of begging, one of the guys behind me pushed open the door and the driver helplessly told us to come inside the bus one by one. Of course, that wasn’t the case as everyone just practically pushed themselves in all at the same time. Luckily, we were the first ones inside and got a seat. By then, I realized that my friends and I will survive the zombie apocalypse. 🙂


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