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March 8, 2009

finally, i got the time to create a real blog. been busy for the past few days or probably just running out of sensible things to say on the blog, that’s why i have been keeping mum for the past week. anyhow, important thing is – am back and i have a very sensible thing to say.

i got this a couple of days ago as a comment on one of my blogs Understanding a Filipino and since i have been haplessly approving comments and going over through it quickly, this one passed the quality-control. hehe. but anyway, glad that i approved on it.

I don’t believe many filipina women marry for love,
they marry for money
the majority of them are greedy and they have NO respect for Australian people.
They should marry their own kind, greedy greedy selfish women
my heart goes out to you!
watch out!

From: tinkertailer@gmail.com

so filipinas doesn’t marry for love? they marry for money? tell you what, they marry for both. haha! anyway, am not sure if i should be offended or should just laugh at this comment. but believe it or not, i found it amusing. here’s why:

1. what made him think that filipinas only prey on Australians? hahahaha. are Australians the best race now? wow! that guy should live here in Dubai and join the rest of the other people who still lives in that so out-of-the-century belief of the monkey-hierarchy of races.

2. and why did he not think that after all his accusation of filipinas being greedy and having no respect to Australian people – there are still a lot of marriage going on between caucasians and filipinas alike? would that make these caucasians stupid since they married a filipina even if they already know that she’s after the money? or would that make these caucasians madly in love that they will go against what their society is telling them about filipinas? OR would that mean that these caucasians are also after “something” from the filipinas? oh trust me. i’ve heard a lot of stories of filipinas found dead after being murdered by their husbands – oh and would that be a coincidence that the dead filipina has just been insured by the husband and the sole beneficiary of it in case of death is – drum roll please! – the husband himself!!!!

but anyway, it’s true for some filipinas that they marry for money. it all goes down to the poverty issue and living the life that they have dreamed for themselves since they were kids. but don’t the other party get a good deal as well for marrying a filipina? (and why did i just made it sound like a business deal?) well for one, you get to pride yourself of walking around with a very exotic-looking, blonde-dyed, nose-lifted, bleached filipina all 5 feet of her. plus i heard that filipinas are great cooks and takes care of the house well. (doesn’t apply to me though coz i seriously don’t know how to deal with the pots and pans and vaccum or the whatnots). and last but not the least, filipinas are family-oriented so they would take care of the husband and kids very well.

filipinas easily fall in love. well at least that’s what i read in some website about the psychological and emotional behavior of filipinas. it says there that if you want to make a filipina fall in love with you, you just have to show some bit of love and attention and boom! she will be all doe-eyed at you. but isn’t it what all women wants in every part of the world? love, attention and respect.

anyway, this all goes down to one thing. the commentor is right to some extent. some filipinas marry for money but it is very ignorant of him to judge that ALL filipinas marry for money. it’s like me saying that ALL australians are racist.

people differ not by race, not by religion, not by the community he/she grew up into and not by the family who raised him/her. each person is unique and they identify their uniqueness by how they think and how well they adjust to the environment they live in. an australian friend of mine may be australian but he sure loves the company of filipinos around him, coz as per him – we are happy people and knows how to have a good time. a filipino friend of mine may be a filipino but she doesn’t want to marry any other nationalities except for a filipino (though she’s got a lot of caucasian admirers for having the looks of eva mendes) because as per her, the cultural indifference is just too much for her to bear.

anyway, i hope i made my point and i hope that the commentor is smart enough to understand it. :p

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