quarter life crisis

I am 26.
I live in dubai.
I work as a travel agent.
I have not accomplished anything yet.

In 3 years, I will be 30 and what the crap, I’m still where I was 5 years ago. The world will end in 2 years and for the love of all things that matters to me, I want to have something to say to Saint Peter (or Lucifer) of what I’ve made out of the life that this universe has given me. So far, I have nothing to say – for real.

What have I accomplished?

1. Work – I’m a Senior Travel Consultant. The Consultant part is just to fancify (is that even a word?) our job title but really, I’m just a travel agent creating holiday packages for millions of people which will not be bought because these people will decide to book everything online. (I am silently cursing at these people, chanting some voo doo prayers on them).

2. Family – I don’t have my own family yet and because the world will end anyway in 2 years, why even start one? :p But for the family that I belong to, I have not done anything for them so far. Well, there is the OCCASIONAL financial assistance that I give them (and when I say OCCASIONAL it meant just when the sun, moon and earth are all in direct alignment to each other). It’s usually them giving me the financial assistance. It sounds so bad, I know. It is bad!

3. Investments – I have NIL investment, well aside from the national bonds that I bought last year – nothing else. I need to put something more in there so I will be eligible to join the weekly draw for a million dirhams. Now if I win that lottery, I will not be doing these kinds of blogs anymore.

4. Property – I have nothing – well at least something which I worked hard for to get. There are some properties in the Philippines under my name which doesn’t really matter because the US Embassy could not accept that as a proof of my stronger ties in the Philippines. bleh.

5. Friends – now this, I have a lot. Good ones, bad ones and those in betweens. These are the people who help me get thru this quarter life crisis phase and remind me that they too, are in the same position in life. I am not alone. Woot!

Are you one of us???


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