Qatari Brunch at Al Liwan Restaurant, Sharq Village and Spa

Al Liwan Restaurant, Sharq Village and Spa

The other day, I was asked by the lovely Lil Miss Bianca which restaurant can I recommend in the city which serves Arabic cuisine with a good ambiance? Now I am no expert but my recent Qatari brunch experience at Al Liwan Restaurant in Sharq Village and Spa immediately came to mind.

Al Liwan Restaurant, Sharq Village and Spa

The setting of the beautiful Sharq Village and Spa is a good fit to her requirement of a good ambiance. With a great indoor and outdoor dining areas, I can’t seem to think of any other restaurant which can even compete with its beautiful scenery.

Al Liwan Restaurant, Sharq Village and Spa

I also remembered the array of Qatari dishes on their buffet spread which smelled so good, looks great and tasted even better.

Al Liwan Restaurant, Sharq Village and Spa

It was focused more on seafood and rice dishes which are the staple food items of the country so I asked Bianca if she likes seafood. Just like me, she’s allergic but would rather suffer than miss out on it. I guess I found my soulmate in her.

Al Liwan Restaurant, Sharq Village and Spa

Qatari cuisine is a fusion of traditional Arab and Levant cuisine. Normally, my taste buds would be immediately put off as soon as it tasted such strong Arabic spices which it isn’t used to but the dishes in Al Liwan that day was flavored with just the right amount of spices for my taste buds to enjoy.

Al Liwan Restaurant, Sharq Village and SpaI remember how I filled my first plate with just about everything from their spread and immediately got full right after – a common mistake I normally do when I am presented with a great buffet spread. It of course became my first and last plate for that brunch. I am regretting it until now, I should’ve paced myself so I could’ve eaten more.

Al Liwan Restaurant, Sharq Village and Spa

I also remember how we were the only non-Qataris that day. Every single person at the brunch were locals which of course is a good sign.

Al Liwan Restaurant, Sharq Village and Spa

If it was good enough for the local’s taste buds, then it was definitely wonderful to me. Having said all these things, I didn’t hesitate and recommended the Qatari brunch at Al Liwan Restaurant of course to Bianca. It was a wonderful dining experience for me and I’m sure she will enjoy it too.

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Qatari Brunch at Al Liwan Restaurant
Saturdays, 12:30 to 4pm
Sharq Village and Spa
QR250 per person incl welcome drinks
Tel No 4425 6666
Al Liwan - Sharq Village & Spa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I was a guest at Al Liwan Restaurant to try out their Qatari Saturday brunch however as always, photos are my own and opinion stated are genuine and in no way influenced.


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  • Boots December 17, 2015 at 17:20

    Looks yummy!!

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