Pursuit of Happiness

For the past few how many months now, I have been abnormally obssesed about someone who doesn’t seem to know that  I exist. Or maybe he just doesn’t give a damn about it. For only God knows how long, I have sulked in the realms of the four corners of my room about this sad reality. I was obsessed on making him notice me. I was obsessed on making him care just a little bit about me. I was pathetic and i knew it and the worst part of it all is – he thinks am pathetic.

Then something happened which jolted me back to reality, woke me up to my senses and finally tell myself – enough is enough.

There is this one guy who keeps on bugging me day and night. The sight of his name blinking on my phone pisses me off, text messages from him are left unanswered and the mere sight of him makes me want to steer my direction away from where he is – but i can’t just ignore him since, let’s just say that am dealing business with him. If not for that fact, I would have told him to F*ck Off several weeks back already.

Then it hit me, what if the same guy am obsessing on is feeling the same way towards me???? WTF???? I don’t want to be that someone who’s name makes him irritated, I don’t want to be that someone who’s mere sight makes him want to dock and hide behind someone else’s shadows, I don’t want to be that someone. PERIOD.

So with all my might, after realizing all these 7 days ago – I finally decided to break free from his spell on me. I deleted his name on my phone book, deleted and blocked him on messenger, deleted all of his messages on my phone – well, it all goes down to one thing – every single thing which lets me communicate with him are now gone.

That was 7 days ago, I started my pursuit of happiness. And now, it’s finally giving me the result that I want. :p

They say, absence makes the heart go fonder.

I say, absence makes the heart go numb.



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