Pottery Tapas Bar Kingston, Keep Calm And Eat A Paella

Pottery Tapas Bar, Kingston, London, England
Pottery Tapas Bar Kingston is quite possibly the most charming pub that I've been to here. Beautiful interior decor, outdoor seating with a canopy of vine, delicious tapas and friendly service - a recipe for the perfect pub I must say.

One of the first pubs we went to upon moving to London was the beautiful Pottery Tapas Bar. I didn’t realize it was a pub at first because it’s just way too charming to be one. 

Pottery Tapas Bar, Kingston, London, England-102
Pottery Tapas Bar, Kingston, London, England-101

It’s not your normal pub most definitely, the interior decor is romantic at night and vibrant during the day while the outdoor seating area makes you feel like you’re somewhere in the Mediterranean (that’s as per the Greek Mister) with its vine canopy and colorful tables and chairs.

Pottery Tapas Bar Kingston, London, England-209

Food has always been great, they serve tapas-style dishes and while the price for each plate is cheaper compared to other pubs – we do tend to order various dishes so we always end up paying more than what we would normally in other pubs. We just can’t help it!

Chorizo and New Potatoes, Pottery Tapas Bar Kingston, London, England-209

On this visit though, we were quite good and were able to practice self-control. We just ordered two tapas to share – calamari and chorizo with new potatoes which of course were both good. It was a busy night when we went, there were lots of families dining together and through the course of the night – we found out that three tables were celebrating birthdays. I don’t think I’ve ever joined in that many birthday songs in a restaurant before. Lol. I love that they each got a cute little cake from the chef.

Calamari, Pottery Tapas Bar Kingston, London, England-209

For our main course, we had a seafood paella which I think was good value for money for £13 since it could be shared by two people (or maybe even three because the serving was really huge). They definitely didn’t skimp on the seafood ingredients and the paella rice itself was really very tasty. My only minor complaint about it was it didn’t have the soccarat which is my favourite part of a paella. It’s the slightly burned rice at the bottom of the pan.

Paella, Pottery Tapas Bar Kingston, London, England-209

Apart from the delicious food, their sangria is simply the best I’ve ever had. It’s my go-to drink whenever we’re in Pottery Tapas Bar. I mean, look how pretty it is!

Sangria at Pottery Tapas Bar Kingston, London

On the other hand, service that night was a bit on the slow side. We waited for quite some time for our drinks and The Greek Mister was given the wrong beer. He didn’t budge though, a beer is a beer according to him and he’ll drink whatever it is. Lol. I can easily overlook the slow service though because you can see that the staff were doing their best to accommodate everyone.

Sangria at Pottery Tapas Bar Kingston, London

What I really loved about it was the chef came out of the kitchen and personally spoke to each table to check our meals and apologized for the long wait. I loved that personal touch.

Pottery Tapas Bar Kingston, London

We went home with a full stomach and satisfied palate. We skipped our nightly TV routine and went straight to bed. I had the best sleep after that meal. I think I found the cure for my insomnia – a meal at Pottery Tapas Bar Kingston. :p

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Pottery Tapas Bar Kingston, London
Pottery Tapas Bar Kingston, London

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  • vinneve October 25, 2020 at 07:50

    Beautiful place! I love the foods as usual haha! Enjoy sis!

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