Playstation Cafeteria, Cheapest and The Most Authentic Chinese Restaurant in Doha.

A red lantern hanging by the door is a sure sign that whatever they have behind those doors will somehow have a Chinese influence. After all – a red lantern is meant prosperous business for the Chinese. I side-stepped a cat lying comfortably by the steps leading to the restaurant called Playstation Cafeteria, a very inappropriate name for a restaurant I should say but it’s an extremely popular one here in Doha. The aroma of Chinese food being cooked at the back kitchen welcomed me. My stomach immediately started grumbling.

We sat at one of the empty tables wrapped in disposable plastic – a Chinese lady who couldn’t speak English very well gave each of us a menu and expected for us to understand each dishes with names not necessarily descriptive of the food itself. After studying the very extensive list, we ordered the following: chicken wings/legs, stir swamp morning glory, boiling dumplings, yangchou fried rice and noodles with sauce.

Playstation Cafeteria Doha

There are no appetizers nor main courses in a typical Chinese restaurant like Playstation. Whichever is ready will be brought to your table in no particular order. We first had the noodles with sauce which doesn’t need further introductions as it’s exactly what it’s called. It was a wee bit similar to chow mein but more saucy. It had a sweet and savory soy-based sauce with bits and pieces of shrimps and vegetables here and there. I loved it but it was hard to eat with chopsticks as it kept on slipping through.

Playstation Cafeteria Doha

Next dish was the yangchou fried rice – it’s quite weird to have all the carbs be brought to us first since we can’t eat rice without the viands. At least that’s the case for Filipinos. So we had to control ourselves from stuffing our face with the rice until the viand comes.

Playstation Cafeteria Doha

The stir swamp morning glory came next, why it’s called like that will forever remain a mystery to me. It’s actually kangkong or water spinach stir-fried served with sauce with a very garlic-y flavor. It’s divine! It will be a glorious morning indeed if you serve this dish to me for breakfast, maybe that’s how it was named?

Playstation Cafeteria Doha

The boiling dumplings came next which thankfully, wasn’t boiling when served. This was raved upon by a lot of reviewers everywhere – that Playstation serves the best dumplings in town. I, on the other hand, wasn’t very impressed. Although it was very meaty, the dumplings were very limp. I guess I’m just not a big fan of boiled dumplings and would prefer steamed ones better.

Playstation Cafeteria Doha

The chicken wings/legs came the last and because we almost finished the rice, we had to order an additional portion of it to eat with the chicken wings/legs. It was fried to perfection although I found it too salty – that didn’t stop me though from eating almost all of it.

It was definitely a lot of food and we had to take a break in between to somehow give our intestines a chance to digest some of it before we attempt to finish it all off. However as the restaurant was becoming a bit busier, the Chinese lady practically shooed us away by giving us our bill without even asking for it, dumping all our leftovers on the table and wrapping it all up with the disposable plastic which used to be our table cover. Lol. It’s the most authentic Chinese dining experience I’ve ever had here in Doha and I loved every bit of it, including the shooing part. Of course I’m going back there and will try some of the other oddly named dishes on the menu.

Total cost for a meal for 3 including drinks was QR165.

Playstation Cafe
Behind Gokulam Park Hotel, Al Salata, Doha
Tel No. 77886176
Playstation Cafeteria & Juicestall Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  • Photo Cache February 18, 2016 at 22:59

    Bizarre name for a Chinese restaurant. I’m so used to seeing either golden, palace, jade, lion, dragon or even the word lucky in the name of the restaurant. But I’m guessing they use playstation for word recognition.

    The food looks very tasty though and I’m really craving the fried wings. I want some hot chili sauce and ketchup to dip those wings in.
    Photo Cache recently posted…What I did on Valentine’s DayMy Profile

    • Pinay Flying High February 20, 2016 at 11:14

      Lol. Playstation Cafeteria, not really sure where that came from but it’s definitely a name which you will remember. 🙂

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