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Pilipinas Kay Ganda

November 17, 2010

that is the most creative ad that our government can come up with to boost the tourism industry of our country – Pilipinas Kay Ganda (Philippines What A Beauty!).

i think that it’s a load full of crap.

first of all, they haven’t given it much thought. i mean, are they living in a mine or something? haven’t they noticed what our neighboring asian countries are doing in terms of their tourism ads? no? ok. i give you the following:

Amazing Thailand
Malaysia Truly Asia
Uniquely Singapore
Discover Hongkong

just to name a few.

then here comes our own: Pilipinas Kay Ganda. Really??? that’s the smartest ad you can think of Mr. Lim? so tell me, what type of market are you targeting? the filipino market? because seriously, do you think it will even catch up the attention of the foreigners if the ad that you’re going to use they can’t even pronounce the words correctly? you should have left it as WOW philippines – it’s catchy, it has branding and the foreigners can actually say it right.

that’s just me.

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