Photo Dump: Strasbourg at Night

After taking a quick nap at the hotel, I went out again at around 9pm to see Strasbourg at night. To tell you honestly, I was already tired at this point and have thought of just staying in the hotel and have a long sleep which I desperately need. Well, good thing that I was able to drag myself out of the hotel since I’m only staying in this city for a night and I would’ve missed these scenes.

Most of the photos (if not all) are a little grainy, I blame my phone on this and not the fact that I didn’t use my digital camera when I did my evening walk.










At around half past 10, I felt hungry so I looked for a restaurant only to find out that the restaurants close at 10pm. None of the cafes were open too and there were no bars or clubs as well that I can go to to have a light snacks. Mc Donald’s saved me though and as much as I didn’t want to eat in an international fastfood chain, I had no other choice. 🙂

Chicken nuggets, anyone? :)

Chicken nuggets, anyone? 🙂

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  • Matthew Curry June 1, 2013 at 08:07

    Ha ha ha ha!!! You took a picture of McDonald’s food! 🙂

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