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Philippine Government: The Movie

May 20, 2010

the result of the 2010 election is horrifying. well, i’ve got nothing against Noynoy to be elected as the President but I’m also not the biggest fan either plainly because as a senator, he wasn’t able to do anything at all. my vote goes for Gordon (if only i was able to vote :p). yeah yeah yeah, i’m an irresponsible citizen of my country but then again whoever gets the position it will be the same thing altogether anyway, same corrupt government which will make our country poorer than it already is.

what’s more alarming is the convicted plunderer, ousted ex-President of the country Mr. ERAP Estrada placed second as the most qualified presidentiable candidate of our poor country. clearly, the Filipinos definitely are very weird. Also, Imelda Marcos won the congressional seat. This is the wife of the ex-Philippine Dictator President, Mr. Ferdinand Marcos, well-known for the Martial Law he implied in our country during his presidency. And may I add that it’s a noted fact that Mrs. Marcos was the evil voice behind her husband, bringing the Filipino nation damned and in debt thru her vast collection of shoes that we, the Filipinos probably paid for thru our taxes. I’ve read somewhere that she’s hoping that her political platform will enable her to bury her husband at the hero’s cemetery. eh???? * face palm *

Moreover, what a horrific ensemble of the senate do we have now???? Revilla, Estrada, Sotto and Lapid. It is going to be one big theatrical comedy, drama, action and musicale, our Senate. Not to mention, the congressional seat, the best case is that Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao won. I mean how pathetic is it that the Filipino nation will vote for someone just because he gave great pride to our country being a boxing hero? We didn’t see Muhammad Ali ran for any government seat and worst, win it. So now, on his next boxing match, he will be called as the Honorarable Maaaaannnnyyyyyyy Pacmaaaaannnnnn Pacquiaooooooo!

Well, that’s just me and I do believe my countrymen needs to go back to school and get a crash course of what’s been happening around us and let not a primetime drama series heros/heroines nor a noontime TV show host nor an action stars/starlettes and definitely not a boxing champion rule our country.

The Philippine Government is now flanked by celebrities, might as well make a movie out of it. Our nation is now in a brink of eternal damnation, or maybe it already is. So help us God.

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