peak season

Long day at work and I mean really really long day. Dealt with walk-in passengers with such looooong itineraries plus the fact that i have to figure out how to bring them to Salvador airport in Brazil with the best connection and cheapest fare. arrrrrrgggggghhhhh…..

Then there’s the emails from our corporate accounts. Changes for a ticket previously issued for this afternoon’s flight and moved it to the early morning flight tomorrow. Then just as you have sent them the new ticket, you’ll get a call again asking you to move it back to the afternoon flight. So you change it again. Then they will call again, to change it back to a morning flight. By this time, I am no longer the friendly travel agent, who wouldn’t be pissed????? The story doesn’t end there, just when you’re about to go home (and this is after staying for more than an hour after your shift ends) you’ll receive a call from them again asking you to f*cking cancel the whole flight!!!!!! I am no saint. I am no angel. I get pissed. Knowing myself, i didn’t dare open my mouth to speak. I cancelled the flight and left the office with the ipod plugged in my ears….. had to get my mind out of it.

On top of all these things, while you’re handling a passenger in front of you, you’re also answering emails from corporate clients and the phone is ringing nonstop. Both leisure passengers (to which i will give them the call center reservations number hehehehe clever!) and corporate accounts as well following up on the flight reservation to antsiranana, madagascar for the next day.

PEOPLE!!!! I am just human, I get tired as well.

But anyway, I like a busy day better than having one of those days spent watching the time pass by right in front of your eyes. Like a movie in slow motion. Busy day is better, fast-paced. Before you know it, it’s already 5 and you’re done for the day, but of course you won’t be able to get out of the office on time. NOOOOOO!!!!!! that would be wishful thinking.

So to whoever thinks that being a travel agent is such an easy job, f*ck you all!!!!!!


the travel agent


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  • purplebubbles June 22, 2008 at 15:11

    hahahhaa….ako ata ung nag pa follow up ng antsiranana madagascar flight…pramis ako un…hehehhe

    nice blog keep it up

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