Pay Half The Price With Your Entertainer App at Spice Market’s Streetfood Friday Brunch

Friday Brunch at Spice Market

Yes! You’ve read that right, Friday brunch at Spice Market is one of The Entertainer’s Monthly Offer for the month of February. That’s 4 Fridays of a Buy One Get One Free at the famous Spice Market’s Friday brunch! An automatic savings of QAR410 each time you use it, how beautiful does it sound?

As soon as I found out about the offer, I immediately booked a brunch for The Greek Mister and I – it was only after I got the confirmation that I announced it on my social media channels. I wanted to make sure that I get a confirmation first before everyone else does as I’m pretty sure all the Entertainer App owners will take advantage of this offer. That’s sheer stupidity if you ask me if they don’t take advantage of it.

Friday Brunch at Spice Market

If you live in Doha and have not been to Spice Market yet, then are you really living in Doha? When I first arrived in this city, it’s the restaurant everyone’s talking about and guess what – that BIG TALK hasn’t died down until now. I don’t think it will, ever. It’s everyone’s favorite place to go to for a myriad of reasons – could be because of the quality of food, the ambiance, the service or the guarantee of fun you’re gonna get from it.

Their Friday brunch did not disappoint, it was my first time to go for their brunch and luckily they’re having a special celebration last Friday in lieu of the upcoming Chinese New Year. A lion dance was performed thrice during the brunch, a Chinese custom which they believe to bring good luck for the coming year. Some kids got scared though when they saw the lion dancing. I probably would be too if I was them. :p

The buffet spread was huge they have practically represented all sides of Asia on the dishes they served. My Asian taste palate was going crazy with all the delicious dishes I’ve been reintroducing it to – I can’t even recall how many times I’ve filled a plate with the all-you-can-eat dishes but I do remember having a hard time getting up when it was all done as I was too full.

They’ve added some Asian flavors as well on their drinks – my favorite was the ginger margarita which our waitress made sure to be full all the time. Service was excellent although some of the food stations weren’t staffed properly. The peking duck station for example, for a very long time two whole ducks were just sitting there waiting to be chopped and nobody was there to do it. I would’ve done it myself if 1. there’s a chopping knife and 2. if I knew how to chop it properly. :p

Overall, it was a great Friday brunch and if not for the fact that we’ve already made plans for two Fridays this month – we probably would’ve spent all our February Fridays there.

QAR410 1 Friday brunch
One more Friday brunch priced at QAR410 is free of charge after using my Entertainer voucher. Approximate total savings for 2016 thru The Entertainer App as of date is QAR692.

Spice Market Friday Brunch
W Doha Hotel
Tel No. 4453 5000

This is NOT a sponsored post.


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  • Sally June 14, 2016 at 18:24

    I keep hearing about this Entertainer! I might have to look into getting one! We eat out a little too often haha! Love your post!
    Sally recently posted…YEE HWA – Doha, QatarMy Profile

    • Pinay Flying High June 15, 2016 at 13:32

      Oh Sally, you MUST have the Entertainer specially if you eat and go out a lot. It’s life changing! Lol.

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