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March 11, 2012

Yesterday was the first “productive” day for us as a tourist I must say. The boyfriend was feeling better so after breakfast, we explored everything that we can fit for this day. We went to the famed “Funky de bar” which was this hip beach shack with a great view of the sea. After a glass of watermelon juice for both of us (pathetic aren’t we?) we walked down at the beach and had another round of drinks at Drifter’s Hotel and restaurant. We stayed there for a longer time and we tried to brave the strong waves of Hikkaduwa beach. Well, we didn’t do much of swimming as it’s not really safe for swimming. It’s a surfer’s haven as the waves are coming mightily nonstop. At some point while I was letting the wave drift me towards the shore, I hit my knee on the seafloor. Hard. Bruised my knee and like a little kid, I walked back to safety and never went in the sea again. I wonder if my travel insurance will cover the betadine and mediplast I bought?We had lunch afterwards at Drunken Monkey which wasn’t really promising but stayed there the longest to watch the kite surfers.

Dinner was back in our hotel for a barbecue night. Yum! Then off we went back to Funky de Bar as according to the reviews, it’s the hip and happening place. Anyway, I’m not really sure if the people who reviewed Hikkaduwa haven’t really seen a REAL party or we were just there at the wrong time because the place was not at all happening. I was expecting a wild beach party ala Phi Phi in Thailand or Boracay in the Philippines but instead, I saw a few empty tables and a crazy loud music to entertain the very few patrons.

Anyway, I leave you now with a photo of what Hikkaduwa is really like: windy and wavy:


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