Things To Do in Parga: Fall In Love With Its Beauty

Sunset at Valtos Beach, Parga.

On our second night in Parga, we decided to try out a restaurant on top of the hill where the Venetian castle is located. The boyfriend came to this place a couple of years back when he was still a student and he remembered dining/drinking in one of the restaurants up at the hill which was ridiculously expensive for him at the time. So he wanted to go back just so he’ll be able to try it out once again now that he has the money to splurge. LOL.

View of the Venetian Castle from Valtos Beach, Parga.

View of the Venetian Castle from Valtos Beach, Parga.

From Valtos Beach Hotel where we’re staying, there is a steep walkway on the left side of the beach which leads you to where the castle is located. Once you’ve passed that hill, you’ll reach Parga town itself but we were not really planning on going there as we wanted to explore more of the steep, narrow and winding hill overlooking the town. The walk was about 15 minutes but of course we were taking our time – it could’ve been done less I suppose. I am not a physically fit person so I had to take it slow to avoid getting winded. Taking a photo of the fantastic scenery was a great excuse to slow down the boyfriend, not that I needed an excuse to take a photo of it because the view from up the hill was just marvelous. The colors splashed by the sun setting down to the beach were wonderful – hues of oranges, blues and reds were all over the place. It was extremely beautiful not to mention that at the time, the area was practically secluded and peaceful.

View of Valtos Beach from the hill, Parga

View of Valtos Beach from the hill.

Valtos Beach, Parga

Valtos Beach

Sunset at Valtos Beach, Parga.

Sunset at Valtos Beach.

We continued our way up the hill and came across a restaurant called Flisvos, an Italian restaurant with the best location overlooking the beach of Valtos. I wasn’t really in the mood for Italian but I was in the mood for a good ambiance so we decided to have our dinner there. A couple of tables were already taken and luckily, a corner table got vacated which gives us the perfect view of the beach. The owner of the restaurant came by to our table to chat a little, he was a very friendly and accommodating man and was highly interested to know more about the boyfriend’s life in Dubai. I ordered grilled pork chop while the boyfriend ordered a steak. Writing about it now suddenly made me hungry as it reminded me how juicy the meat was.

Flisvos Restaurant in Parga

Flisvos Restaurant in Parga

Pork Chop at Flisvos Restaurant in Parga.

The juicy pork chops, yum!

Flisvos Restaurant in Parga

Flisvos Restaurant in Parga

After dinner, we walked some more past through the souvenir shops, whitewashed houses, cafes, restaurants  – oh it was lovely! It reminded me a little bit of Santorini. The combination of the colors of the buildings was charming and adds up to the quaintness of the place. I stopped by a souvenir shop to buy some trinkets and the lovely owner started interviewing me – where I’m from, what I do, how many days I am staying in the area and if I like it here. I ended up staying there for quite some time until the boyfriend started to nag as he was waiting outside. My bad, I totally forgot about him. LOL. We stopped at two bars to get ourselves a drink, both times we’ve chosen a bar overlooking the town.

Old Town of Parga

Isn’t this door cute?

Old Town of Parga

Old Town of Parga

We capped the night off with a walk at the beach of Valtos back to our hotel, the sand felt so cold beneath our feet. All the while, I was thinking still that I can stay in this place. I was seriously considering it now. Parga is lovely, I can’t help myself but fall in love with it.

Valtos Beach Hotel at night

Our lovely hotel at night.

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