Parang-Kayo-Pero-Hinde Relationship

Parang-Kayo-Pero-Hinde Relationship, sounds familiar? I suppose many of you might have had this kind of relationship at one point or another, or maybe you are, right now, in this kind of relationship but you’re clueless about it. If you’re single, and you’re in this kind of relationship, well good luck. But if you’re committed and you’re in this kind of relationship with another person, well good for you, I hope your kids will look like monkeys. Anyway, here’s what little I know about it:

Etymology: Parang-Kayo-Pero-Hinde came from the Filipino root word Parang Kayo Pero Hinde. Get it? Dig it!

Definition: You’re in a relationship without its very essence: “commitment”; it’s also a social suicide; a stupidity; a waste of time.


1. You are seeing somebody/communicating with somebody regularly.

2. When you’re together, you do what regular couples do. (eg. kissing, holding hands while walking, hugs, the whole PDA enchilada)

3. You feel “kilig” everytime you’re with that somebody.

4. You think about that person every night (with or without obscenities).

5. You’re having a hard time fighting the urge of texting/calling/e-mailing/chatting with that person.

6. You are regularly in a dazed state of daydreaming about that person.

7. You regularly check that person’s Friendster account to see if he/she has new pictures uploaded (you’d like to know if he/she got his/her arms wrapped around with somebody on that picture), to see if he/she got new testimonnials (you’d like to know if that testimonnial came from somebody who might be a competition) and to check his/her list of friends if any of them got a very familiar name (say….. an ex?).

If you find yourself nodding in any three of these symptoms, well friend am so sorry but unfortunately you are in this kind of relationship. Why unfortunate? Read on.

Pro’s and Con’s of being in such relationship:


1. You have no commitment with that person, so you can date around. You won’t feel guilty everytime you make pa-cute with that yummy starbucks cashier.

2. There’s no monthsary/anniversary to celebrate. So less gastos right?

3. You have somebody to flirt with everytime you feel like it. It’s more of like a flirt-buddy.



2. You cannot or rather MUST not show extra care, sweetness nor concern with that somebody.

3. You MUST not feel jealous everytime that person talks about another flirt-buddy, though your heart is quietly crushing inside you.

4. You have no right whatsoever to demand something from that peson. (eg. spend the night with you, take you in a concert, and the list goes on…)

5. You cannot be pa-sweet when that person’s friend/family is around, of course you don’t want to look like a fool in front of them specially if they know the real deal between the two of you.

6. You cannot by all means be hurt if you found out that that person is involved in a REAL relationship with somebody else.

7. Lastly, if he is in fact in involved in a REAL relationship, you MUST REMAIN FRIENDS. You must not show the devastation and grief that you suffer every night. You must keep your cool and compose yourself and say; I AM HAPPY FOR YOU.

So what’s the cure? What should you do if you are in this kind of relationship? Follow these simple yet effective instructions:

Step 1: Find a very tall building. Try RCBC Tower in Ayala Ave.

Step 2: Climb up to the highest floor or for even better result, the rooftop is recomendable.

Step 3: Jump off.

Step 4: Haunt that flirt-buddy of yours and scare him/her to death.

Hmmmm…… You can also try poisoning yourself, or for a more dramatic-death-award-worthy try slitting your wrist while you’re in a tub. You can also write a suicide note with your own blood while you’re at it.

Anyway, for a less psychotic way of dealing with it. Hmmmm…… honestly, I don’t know. ‘coz am one of you…. sad…. sad…. sad…..

* sniff * sniff *


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