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Operation: Noemilicious Day 8 and 9 and some other things

July 26, 2010

i knew i won’t be able to keep up with a day-to-day account of this stupid diet. anyhow, because i promised myself that i will do it, then here goes:

Day 8:
Breakfast: instant noodles
Lunch: potato chips 🙂
Dinner: grilled chicken + lettuce + tomato (i’m loving lettuce and tomatoes these days, partly influenced by the health-conscious-freak boyfriend)

Day 9:
Breakfast: coffee
Lunch: bulalo + 1 cup of rice and i don’t care because i’ve been craving for bulalo for the longest time now…
Dinner: grilled chicken with Mang Tomas all-around sarsa

right, totally lost control on the 9th day. i promise i will be good on the 10th. tee hee.

so i went to OWWA (overseas workers welfare administration) to get my OWWA renewed and the OEC certificate (so i don’t have to pay the travel tax at Manila airport when i come back here in dubai). while i was about to pay at the counter (where the glum-looking old lady was issuing the certificates for us whose smile is worth a million dirhams perhaps. in short: a typical government employee, too grumpy to give you the slightest hint of a smile who can’t decide if she likes her job or not after doing it for the last 15 years of her life) there was a paper on the table which read something like someone from sharjah is in need of a financial support to go back home (i didn’t read the whole letter because it was quite long). the assistant (a quirky, younger and happier version of the grumpy old lady) asked me if i want to donate, to which my reply was: “isn’t that the whole point why all us filipino workers around the world are paying this USD25 OWWA contribution so that you, as a philippine government agency will be able to help all the filipino workers in distress? then why are you asking me to donate? how many people are here lined up to pay for this USD25? that’s a donation already, use our money and help that lady in Sharjah.” the grumpy old lady looked at me with a shocked face and i just stared back at her. it would have been good to ask them right there and then as to where these contributions go. anyway, it just pissed the crap out of me since it is a total disgrace! i left the counter with the grumpy old lady still staring at me in disbelief for being such a b*tch but hell, they deserve it. and then i saw Deny’s facebook status message: Ang pera ng mamamayan ay gagastusin para sa mamamayan (the citizen’s money will be spent for them) quoted from the current president of the Philippines, Mr. Noynoy Aquino during his State of the Nation Address. YEAH RIGHT!

i feel sorry for the lady in Sharjah though for whatever it is that she’s going thru right now, looking back i knew better that she will not get help from any government agencies of the Philippines so i should just have gave something. but what assurance will i get that the money that i would have donated will truly go to that lady in distress. and what assurance do i have that this lady actually even exist?

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