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Operation: Noemilicious Day 6 and 7 and some random thoughts

July 24, 2010

so the Noemilicious Day 6 post was supposed to be yesterday and because i’m lazy like that, i didn’t do it. so here goes:

Breakfast: spam + corn and crab soup + rice (oh dear!)
Lunch: nothing
Dinner: 2pcs of spam

yeah so i had rice yesterday, shoot me now!

on unrelated note, some random thoughts:

1. my roomate left for vacation yesterday and i never realized that i will miss her. so our room right now is bugged by just the sound of the TV and no loud laughters or screeches coming from my roomate while we watch a show together. she will be back on the 19th of august so until then, our room will be a sad place to live in. bummer!

2. i’m planning to make the boyfriend eat “balut” when we go to the philippines for vacation. photos will be posted or maybe even videos. 🙂

3. i was not able to sleep well last night because it felt like something was wobbling my legs. i thought at first that there was an earthquake but after realizing that it was just my legs which were rocking from side-to-side then i had this stupid thought that i was experiencing a ghost haunting. hehehe. anyway, the idea didn’t last long because i was too sleepy. so i was on and off sleep last night because of that stupid wobbling of legs. when i came to work this morning, i told what happened to my colleague and she told me that it’s because i was inside an air conditioned room the whole day with nothing but a really skimpy shorts on. :-p she said it happens to her most of the time when she’s not wearing pyjamas or jogging pants inside her house, it’s the muscles of my legs which are twitching and no ghost did that to me. so i may need to wear jogging pants or pyjamas tonight. i hate pyjamas.

3. I went out with my very good French guy friend earlier and met up with another one of his friends. It was nice of them to talk in English in front of me though they’re both French but as I was watching both of them in their animated conversation I realized one thing, guys talk about girls more than girls talk about boys. Here’s a part of their conversation:

Guy 1: so I called up (insert name of girl here) and she asked if I want to watch a movie.. but I said I didn’t want to because it’s boring…
Guy 2: who?
Guy 1: (insert name of girl here)!
Guy 2: oh! the girl that I was supposed to….
Guy 1: yes!
Mimi: supposed to what????
Guy 1 and 2: nevermind.
Mimi: wtf? supposed to what????
Guy 1: we’re very good friends, we share everything…
Mimi: hahahaha

4. it’s always nice to see the Frenchie (from now on, I baptize the French guy friend as Frenchie), we’ve been friends for 3 years now (i just realized that earlier) and he knows me too well it’s scary. we used to go out weekly and explore the sights and sounds of this great city but after he shifted to another job (and i had a boyfriend and he had a girlfriend), the meet-ups were lessened. but what’s great about him is that he never forgets me (possibly because i’m arranging his flights, hotels and car hires) and calls me from time to time just to check how i’ve been. anyway, so earlier this afternoon just as i was about to get on a bus he sent me a message asking where i was and what my plans were for the day. i said no plans just headed home. and he replied: “great! so we’ll see each other, i’ll pick you up now” and so he arrived at our doorstep and off we went to Zaatar W Zeit to binge on french fries with cheese. anyway, after dinner we went to nasimi beach (which was closed so we went to barasti instead) and he started firing his usual questions at me (how are you doing? how’s work? how’s life? how’s everybody? and all the “how” questions you can ever imagine) i have no idea how our conversation went to this but he told me that there are 3 kinds of people in this world: 1. people who wants to be alone and would not want anybody else to get into their comfort zones; 2. people who are afraid to be alone and wants someone to always be with them, it doesn’t necessarily mean that another person must be present physically at all times with them but the idea that they have someone is good enough; 3. people who are in between of these 2 extremities… he said i’m a number 2. his explanation as to why i’m a number 2 freaked me out because it’s true. i think he’s a number 2 as well and he proudly proclaimed that yes, indeed he’s a number 2.

5. and here goes the Operation Noemilicious Day 7

Breakfast: coffee
Lunch: spam and rice (huhuhu)
Dinner: mozarella cheese and french fries (oooooopf! it’s all the Frenchies’ fault)

6. the frozen lemon margarita at barasti sucks!

7. we are already on the guest list (for what? you’ll see…. very soon)

8. i’m very very VERY excited… 🙂

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