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Operation: Noemilicious Day 2

July 19, 2010

Breakfast: coffee and banana
Lunch: Fried fish, tomatoes and BREAD (i deserve a gold medal for being able to resist temptation from cooking that 1 cup of rice)
Snacks: chippy (yay!)
Dinner: 1pc of bread with longganisa (hihi)

so 2nd day was not so bad but i can still see an ugly-looking tummy on the mirror. oh well! i’m doing the best i can…

on a different note, it’s my off today and i did all the things that a broke responsible adult would do: domesticated stuff. cleaned the flat, defrosted our mini fridge, did the laundry, ironed it afterwards, cooked and watched a movie: the informant (matt damon did a great job of being geeky for this part). the movie was based on a true story about a compulsive liar working for a big shot company in the US, got himself into a complicated situation where FBI was involved. it was hilarious and well, interesting because i know some people like that (the compulsive liar part). anyway, to sum it all up, i had a boring day off but i need this break and i do believe i deserve it.

anyway, pat on the back for me for not eating rice today will you?

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