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Online shopping, yay or nay?

December 13, 2012

I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping lately here in Dubai. You can buy everything online these days – clothes, shoes, food delivery, groceries etc. etc. I’m not really sure if it’s a sign of being advanced or being lazy. Oh well, it makes my life easier so I’m all for the advanced part. I’m signed up to dozens of online shopping websites both here and in the Philippines so I’ll get the updates of what offers they have at the moment which may or may not be good for you, depends if you’re an impulsive buyer or a wise one like I am. Tee hee. Recently I used 2 Philippines-based websites to purchase some gifts for my friend and cousin. I don’t know why but I wasn’t that comfortable using these websites compared to the ones that I frequently use and after all the hoobalous I’ve encountered, I figured out why.

I used to love the brand when I was still in the Philippines. I’m still using some of the clothes I bought from them 5 years ago so with a brand as big as they are, I thought what can possibly go wrong. Well, apparently I can give you a list. To start off, there are very limited choices in their online store and the photos are most of the time, not of good quality. There’s also no zoom option to see the details of the clothes which is very important for online shopping since you’re risking everything for not ACTUALLY seeing the clothes that you’re about to buy. The website is very easy to use though and I encountered no problems UNTIL after the payment was done. It brought me back to the main website to give me a receipt but there was just the header of their website and nothing else. When I checked on my account, the items that I have purchased were in the WISHLIST section and not in the ORDER HISTORY where it should be. I sent a message on their Facebook page which until now was left unanswered and also sent them an email, which was only answered after 2 separate phone calls. The good thing about that was as soon as they’ve sent the email and I got my airway bill number for the delivery, my cousin received it in a matter of 2 days. My real concern here was, when I called them up the second time and asked the girl if my case was normal or should I be worried she told me that it happens all the time. Well then that’s just fantastic! (insert sarcastic smile here).

I think I was more disappointed with this website than Kamiseta’s plainly because they do all these advertisements on Facebook and send these emails with all their offers but their website is just full of crap! I was looking for kid’s clothing for 0-24 months and whenever I choose the link for the girl’s clothing it redirects me to boy’s clothing. I know that’s just petty but come the fuck on! All these advertisements you do and you can’t even maintain a functioning website. I would have expected that from Kamiseta’s website but not from these guys. (I just checked now and they fixed that error, good for them.) Second, I registered another email address so I can get a PHP250 off from my purchase which isn’t much but hey, any discounts will do for a poor girl like I am but the website just won’t take the PHP250 off the total price of my purchases. On the other hand, what I do like about their website is they have multiple photos of everything including zoomed in ones. Apart from some petty errors I encountered with the site, I actually enjoyed browsing thru it. Now here comes the dilemma, after my purchase I got an email from them asking for a copy of my credit card (front and back) and a government ID. WHAT?????? Are you freaking kidding me??? I’ve put all the details of my card in their website including the CVC code, why do they even need a copy of it? That’s just insane. I do work in the customer service industry and deal with payments as well. We aren’t even allowed to keep a copy of our customer’s card or even write down the credit card numbers somewhere. That would cost me my job if I kept a record of any credit card details. Then they will ask for a copy of my credit card like it’s the most normal thing to ask from a person who just gave them all the details they require. I told them to cancel my purchase but then the person I was in touch with told me that I can cover the CVC code when I send them my credit card copy. I gave in thinking that it’s already too late for me if I want those items delivered on time for my friend’s daughter’s birthday. They claim that they deliver their items 1-3 days within Metro Manila and 5-7 days for provincial areas. My items were delivered on the 5th day. In Makati. And yes, it was late. Actually, my biggest concern with this website was the fact that they asked for a copy of my credit card. If not for that, all of the other complaints are too petty to even write about. Unless they will change that rule, I am never going to purchase anything from Zalora again.

So do you use any online stores that you can recommend?

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