one of those days….

i have been feeling down for the past couple of days. apart from my overly dramatic existence in this world, something really does bother me: a decent and cheap house here in dubai. see, my roomate is getting married and clearly, she needs to move out and live with her husband – leaving my sorry ass all by itself. i can’t afford the room on my own so i need to look for some other cheaper/decent rooms.

the following is just some of my problems:

1. if the landlord is a filipino, they will, by all means possible, loot you with incredulous amount of house rent. enough for them not to pay for their own rent.

2. if the landlord is a filipino, more often than not, they will do all things possible to maximize the space they have inside a flat. put a wall in the middle of a room to make one room into two then have one of those “partitions” (as they conveniently calls it) be occupied by 2 people. so that’s a total of 4 people in one room. or if the landlord is just really out of his/her mind, he/she will put about 4 bunk beds inside that room so that 8 people can live in there and the only way for you to get in and out of those cluttered spaces is to walk sideways, i kid you not!!!!

3. i’m really not into living with another nationality, there are just some nationalities that i think i can get along with under one roof (but i prefer not to name those countries as i might get tagged as a racist) but i would still prefer to live with my own people, if i can find a decent, not overcrowded filipino-landlorded (haha!) flat.

4. i definitely cannot live with a muslim, not because of our different religious views but because i can’t not eat/cook pork. the religious view comes only second, maybe it might not even matter if the person will be as open-minded as i am with regards to religious views (respect each other’s beliefs) but if living with them will ultimately ban pork anywhere near the house, then sorry… i might as well live in a sidewalk with my bacons.

5. i don’t want to get my own flat because 1. i don’t want to buy furnitures like fridge, washing machine, stove because my life/work here in dubai is as tangible as the food you put on your table. you never know what will happen to you tomorrow, so i really don’t like to invest on things like that which i can’t bring with me back to the philippines as easily as i can pack my clothes. and 2. i can’t afford it. haha! well the places that i can afford will require me to spend a good amount of taxi fares every single day. so, getting my own flat is not really a very bright idea for now.

anyway, i hate house hunting. really. i hate everything about it. getting agitated when you’re running out of time, packing your things up, shifting it, unpacking it and buying new furnitures when you get to the new place. although i do enjoy browsing on the new ikea catalogue.

on top of all those house hunting dilemma, i’m facing a different kind of dilemma at work which makes it all worst for me.

before complaining about something, think of the homeless, the starving and the jobless. you’re not yet one of those things so you’re still lucky…

– wise words from A, who never fails to make me realize that i’m just being a drama queen as always.

but i can’t help it! 🙁


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