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October 18, 2011

A colleague calls me “Tiger” and warns other people to mess with just about anyone but never with me. Another colleague warned the cashier who made an official email with all the wrong information pertaining to a ticket I issued that “he’s dead” when I called him up to confront him about the email he sent. So yes, I guess I fit the description of a b*tch to a tee and everybody knows it – I can’t say that I’m proud of it but I can’t also say that it doesn’t work for me somehow.

The thing about me is, I’m very frank and I don’t really like beating around the bush when I want something to get done. I like it when people knows what they want and are direct to the point, I hate backstabbers and two-faced individuals. If I didn’t like what you did, you will know it – from me and not from a grapevine which normally screws the whole thing up. I can’t say I’m perfect because you will never believe how many mistakes I’ve committed while on the job BUT the thing which sets me apart from the rest is – I don’t blame other people for my mistakes. I raise my two hands and admit something which is entirely my fault. However, if I know that I am right and I am getting blamed for something I didn’t do, I will not just let it go without putting up a fight and claiming what is rightfully mine – being on the right side.

Some people can’t handle me, they take everything personally. What they don’t understand is I don’t mix my personal life with work. What happened at work should just stay there, at work. I may be all fuming mad in the morning because of you but I will ask you during lunchtime if you can make it to a party that I’m planning for the weekend – like the argument which happened in the morning didn’t happen. And then when I get back to my desk, I will be fuming mad at you again. That’s how I am and some people cannot understand the logic of my behavior (which of course I would say is very logical).

Anyway, the whole point of this entry is (if there is any), I just wish everyone should just do their job right to save me all the hassle of picking a fight with someone and having to deal with that someone’s sensitivity and “gayness” (no such word) afterwards.

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