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on a thursday night

July 24, 2008

on a thursday night, for the very first time – am not trying on a new dress, am not putting make up on my face, am not answering mobile calls in between asking me where the hell am i….. a slow and peaceful night, i could have nominated this night to the guiness book of world records as the most slowed down night in the entire history of my womanhood. but i guess, people would really not care about it.

so what slowed down a hyperchic? severe folicular tonsilitis. haha! i swore, after everything that i have been through inside the hospital – i would never ever take advantage of my health again. NEVER EVER! it was just too much for me to bear – physically, mentally, emotionally, financially – hell, i almost lost my mind inside that friggin’ hospital. so now, am trying a different path of life. no more hyperchic, let’s all just keep it cool and breathe and live easy. savor the moments… haha! i wonder how long will i be savoring the moment till am back on the party scene of dubai. well, maybe not anytime soon…

so what did i do besides slack on the couch, flip on channels, bother everybody i see online on YM/MSN and sleeping the whole day? well….. i ate! and the mediocre food was heaven to my taste buds after suffering 6 days of bland hospital meals. why are they doing it to their patients? i think hospitals should make their food more tasty to make the patients eat well. i know now what makes me vomit, it’s their food which tastes like rubber. so anyway, the soreness of my throat is still there. but at least not as painful as it used to be. my left arm still feels a little weak as the IV was put there, antibiotics and the other injections passes thru my left arm’s veins first that’s why it feels a little weak. but anyway, i can’t wait to go to work on saturday and it sounds pretty cool to be able to say that, don’t you think? haha!

jay gave me a lot of good movies to watch – there was Vantage Point which i have been dying to see, Untraceable which stars Diane Lane and showed how sick the people nowadays are and the Bucket List which stars Jack Nicholson (one of my ultimate favorites) and Morgan Freeman. if i were to create my own Bucket List, what would it be? it would mostly consist of traveling. but let’s see how creative my mind will be on a slow thursday night like this:

1. travel anywhere with my mom – my friends would know that i have not seen my mom since when i was 8yrs old. she moved to the US then and lived there for good. and i don’t want to elaborate why i haven’t seen her since then ‘coz it’s a very complicated story which requires a totally different blog post. but we remain in contact, we’re actually close, in the weirdest kind of way. she’s the best mom ever that’s why i want to repay all her kindness to me for giving her an all-expense paid trip to anywhere she wants to go to. with me of course.

2. stay at least one night in burj al arab – haha! it’s all denden’s fault. she  posted all her burj al arab pictures on facebook and i saw it. being the jealous type that  i am, i wanted to go there too. haha! and according to her, travel agents get 50% discounts. so yay!!!!! i want to go! i want to go! i want to go!!!!!!!

3. witness Les Miserables live on stage with the original cast.

4. be on a U2 concert.

5. backstage pass on a Don Quixote performance by Bolshoi. i want to see how these dancers contort their figures before a show. hehehe.

6. sky diving.

7. hot air balloon ride.

8. first class plane ride on a long haul flight. 😀

9. swimming with the dolphins.

10. last but certainly not the least – a true and everlasting love. wehehehehehehehe.

so there goes my bucket list, not bad hey! right, am off to zzzzzzssssss. 🙂

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