Things To Do in Corfu: Discover the Old Town of Corfu

Old Town Corfu

The boyfriend asked me what I wanted for dinner and for no particular reason, I told him I’d like to try moussaka. I wasn’t able to try it out the first time I was in Greece and I’m definitely not going to miss it this time. At this point, I have already gained a few pounds since I started my holiday but I don’t really care. Greece will make you fat, that I’m sure of. I’d rather be fat though than not be able to experience the Greek cuisine.

The Old Town of Corfu is probably the best option for anyone to go to for dining, I would say. Apart from the charming and romantic atmosphere this place gives out – it also has a myriad of restaurants, shops, cafes and even bars/lounges. The Old Town is open ’till late but since we are no longer the “clubbing” kind of people, we’ve always capped our night off by midnight. It’s a safe place to walk around even at night but I’d definitely suggest for you to go and explore the Old Town early in the afternoon (or even morning if you’ve got nothing planned for the day) for you to be able to explore it more. It’s nice to just walk around the Old Town through the small streets and alleyways as for sure you’re going to see something different/lovely in every corner. It is a very picturesque place, I wished I had a better camera with me and not only my iphone5. It is also one of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites that you can find in Greece.

We’ve had our dinner here at the Old Town 3 times out of the 4 nights that we stayed in Corfu. I’d say that my favorite would be the pastitsada that I had in a restaurant called To Dimarchio at the Mayor’s square. Pastitsada is either a beef or rooster in tomato sauce with pasta which is a traditional Corfiot recipe. The restaurant is lovely and the service of the staff is also remarkable but what really drew us in to the restaurant was its perfect location. I’d rank Belissimo Restaurant as my second favorite where I had my first moussaka. Belissimo is located in a small, hidden square which we discovered by chance while roaming the streets of the Old Town. The restaurant was almost full when we arrived which made us decide to have our dinner there. It was a good choice, I have just decided that I’m not really into moussaka as it’s too heavy for me. I had some of the boyfriend’s pastitsada though which was amazing! And finally, Mythos Restaurant where we had a seafood platter. The food was also great but I ranked it third out of the 3 restaurants because the servers were all looking miserable. Well maybe because we had our dinner at 11pm and they were already very tired.

Old Town Corfu

The Old Town is much lovelier at night – the dim lights of the old buildings makes the atmosphere extra romantic. It also gets livelier as you will have a lot of places to go to for drinks. I’ve never seen a club though but yes, there are a lot of bars and lounges. We had drinks at a bar which is right across the town hall called Cafe Bristol. The waitress was a lovely lady who I think was happy that we kept on ordering drinks as the place was almost empty. At the end of the night, she gave us a free shot of tequilla. 🙂

I also did most of my souvenir shopping here at the Old Town since they’ve got all sorts of things to sell. I later found out though that the prices here are more expensive as compared to the lesser-known areas of Corfu like say, Benitses Beach. I found the same key chain in Benitses which is half the price. Well, it doesn’t make much sense though to drive all the way to Benitses to buy a key chain – yes? :p

The Old Town is lovely, the alley ways are charming and Liston is romantic. Never ever miss this place if you are in Corfu. Spend at least half a day here. If you’re a photographer, you may want to spend one whole day as you will never run out of sceneries to capture.

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