Oh crappy day!

This day was made of pure crap. Seriously, PURE. CRAP.

Let me tell you why:

A client, for reasons I don’t exactly know, was trying to be smarter than Bill Gates himself. He deliberately lied in his email which was copied of course to my superiors and made my life a living hell earlier. Well, I could have dealt with that easily but what made this day crappier than crap is the mere fact that my superior believed this liar and didn’t even give me the benefit of the doubt that I may be saying the truth. Do I really look like a compulsive liar to you?

Can this kid ever say a lie? Seriously?

Well ok, that photo must have been taken some centuries ago but it’s just absurd to think that my superior, who I thought knows me by now, used an inch of his brain and believed that I am capable of doing such a thing. Well ok, it’s not really a big deal BUT I just hate the fact that my explanation was not even heard and I was not able to air out my side. That’s what pisses me off so much. First of all, I am not self-righteous person. I have committed a lot of mistakes and in all those mistakes, it’s not really hard for me to admit it. I’m not the kind of person whose nose is stuck up in the air and would rather be suffocated in a gas chamber than to say sorry or admit a mistake. No, I’m not that kind. BUT if I am right and I’m absolutely and 100% sure that I am right, I would rather be skinned alive then have a vinegar be poured on me than to just let it go without a fight. No! I am not going to just let it go. So I sent an email to the superior telling him everything that he needs to hear. It made me feel good afterwards but not completely, although I did not receive any reply from him. Well whatever, I don’t care. As long as I aired out my side, that’s already enough.

I spoke to the boyfriend afterwards, no wait! I ranted it out to the boyfriend and he told me that I should stop getting so affected by everything which happens to me at work. It’s just work, you can’t and should not die for it. I’ll try to do that but I can’t promise. But I should do that I guess. I don’t want to get wrinkles by the time I’m 35 I guess?

On a totally different note, my friend gave birth to twins yesterday (21MAY11). I am contemplating whether to call them “the rapture babies” or “the apocalypse babies”. What do you think?


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