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February 1, 2009

Just got the sales report from our sales team and our outlet achieved 82% of the sales target for last month. Our outlet’s target sale was 1.5M and we achieved a nett of 1.1M. Am not very good with math but this is not actually a rocket science or anything and I can confidently say that we actually did good for last month’s sale with those figures. Am I right? Well at least for our outlet, business was actually good. Not sure for the other branches. Another deep breathe for me and the hope that laying off will be the last thing in the management’s mind right now. Wusaaaa… 🙂
Watched “the other boleyn girl” last night. Am a sucker for period films, fascinating to see the lives of the kings, queens, ladies in waiting, knights and the corsette-clad ladies. Haha. Anyway, it tells the story of the famous Anne Boleyn through the eyes of her infamous yet (supposedly) prettier sister – Mary Boleyn. How Anne was able to make Henry VIII annul his marriage with his then wife and how this annulment caused England to break free from Rome. And these are all because of one girl, now that’s what I call girl power. Haha. And it tickles my mind to see how the then king of England can be easily manipulated by a woman. Nicely done Anne. :p Too bad she was beheaded for committing incest with her brother, which was never known if it really was a true account or false accusation. I say true, just because. :p
John Legend is coming to Dubai. Woo hoo! I was just thinking the other day that it would be great to see him perform live and then voila! Here comes Dubai International Jazz Fest. James Blunt will be performing on the 25th Feb while John Legend will be on the 26th. I want to go for the 26th, just waiting for a staff discounted ticket since this is sponsored by Skywards. Hehehe. ’till that day, I will be singing along with him on my ipod –
Baby when the sun comes up
Am gonna be holding you
It’s destiny that you’re next to me
Am in love with you…
Been seeing a lot of Valentine’s Special all over Dubai. And my colleagues are asking me what my plans are for that day. Well, sorry to bust your happy bubbles but I don’t do valentine’s day. It’s way too much cheese for me. I don’t do cheese. Am not into mushy things. It’s an overrated and overly commercialized holiday for the hotels, restaurants and flower shops to gain income from. And frankly, I really would not like to see some mushy couples dreamy-eyed, holding hands and cuddling with each other under the starless Dubai sky. Makes me want to puke just imagining it. So no, I don’t do valentines, I’d probably stay at home watching Saw V or any other gut-wrenching films. Would rather see blood and gore than seeing mushy couples on a valentine’s day which is practically almost the same, if not worst. A spa would be nice though. Haha! That, I could not say no to. Hehehe. Lots of special offers from spa parlors, so well…. Something to be thankful for for a valentine’s day. :p
There is an ongoing protest yet again in Bangkok. I had to re-read the article and ensure myself that am reading the names correctly, that those are not the familiar Filipino names. ‘coz seriously, it reminded myself of the Edsa series. First protest was staged to oust the PM which lasted for about 3 months if am not mistaken and the Bangkok airport seized for about a week or so. And now, the opposite group’s the one staging protest asking for a change in the government. Wow… I thought it’s only in my beloved Philippines that it happens. Am really very ignorant I suppose. So shoot me now.
Am tired.

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