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of the not so bad weekend…. (10May08)

May 13, 2008

so how was my weekend? the lamest ever. missed too much parties over the weekend. good thing the girls didn’t go out as well, otherwise i’d feel even sorrier for missing the fun they had.

the virus is still here, with me… happily clinging inside myself. though i think the medicines that i got from the new hospital i went to is finally kicking in. my body’s finally decided to let the drugs take over. so…. am  feeling a bit better now.

had 3 passengers earlier, all asked the same question when i talked with my too much of the bedroom voice due to clogged nose “you still have colds/cough?”. yeah, they did notice. and before they left the office they wished me well. having worked for a customer-service oriented environment for the past couple of years, it’s just so good to hear one of your clients wishing you well when you’re sick. having a somewhat personal bond with them is enough for me to know that am doing well in what i do. they won’t come back to me if i f*cked up anyways. so…. it’s a good feeling when your clients would remember your name and ask how you were and really do mean asking you that. i was in a good mood earlier because of them. 🙂

i went to visit a friend yesterday. had lunch with her and had a lot of catching ups done. then i went to the hospital to have myself checked and visited my roomate as well who just delivered her first born. that’s when i realized that i am not a baby-person. haha! i don’t go goo goo gaa gaa whenever the baby yawns. didn’t even tried to carry the baby, good thing i had a valid excuse when i was next in line to have a picture taken with the baby – i have colds. am afraid i might crush the baby’s small body when i lift her. nah! don’t want to cause a lot of trouble, so better steer myself away from it. besides, newborns all look alike to me. so, i’ll probably wait ’till she gets older and i can play with her already without worrying that i might crush her bones into pieces.

afterwards, i went to attend my ex-supervisor’s daughter’s 2nd birthday party. he was my supervisor when i was still working for the visa section of kbr. and he was the best and coolest boss i’ve ever had. we really did get along, me, christine and mohammad. so i was grateful when i received his invitation even if am already miles away from our sheikh zayed office. he’s egyptian and the party was great! i think egyptians, like filipinos are party people! haha. so yeah, i had a great time at the party.

then when i got home, i received a call from alex. always at the right time. he’s in dubai which means the call is asking for a coffee night. i was happy to see him. as i had too many things in my mind that i needed to tell him. well, he’s the only friend i trust ‘coz when i talk, he really do listen. and i hate to admit this, but he’s almost always right when he gives me advices. we always contradict each other but he always lets me win. haha! we’re like yin and yang. the wild and the cautious. the beauty and the beast. ha ha! so yeah, we talked and talked and talked. by the seashore. burj al arab to our left. and a flashlight running out of battery in each of our hands. don’t ask me why we had flaslights for the answer will only give you the impression that alex here is the word “disaster” personified. then when all the stories have been told, all the questions answered, we went to the airport to fetch her girlfriend. first time i met her. it was good to finally meet her.

then i was off to neverland instantly when i got home….

so, weekend isn’t so bad after all….

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