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September 21, 2009
The Holiday

– so it sucked the life out of me for a bit that the official eid holidays was not announced ahead of time, in fact they announced it 2 hours before the actual holiday kicked off (read: 8pm and that sucks because we went to a bar at 10pm, which technically means that we only had 2 hours to decide if we’re going to drink like frat men for the night or should we anticipate going to work the next day…. that kind of thing usually sucks for me, not knowing ahead of time…) but anyway, the 2 days and 2 hours (i was working until 10 in the freaking evening the day before the eid) holiday was a blast. although i practically did nothing but sleep, bask under the sun, make fun of people in the pool who looked like wally bayola and the black girl in bubble gang (i was talking to the filipino lady lifeguard while doing this…..), drink my way thru the night (which i find it amusing at the same time left me into a big wonder because after 2 glasses of mojito and 2 glasses of bacardi coke i was still sober, usually i get that hit-on-the-head-by-a-bat feeling after the 2nd glass of mojito) and well be a pig and eat everything in sight. It was a good experience to get away from it all (not really if you think about the fact that i stayed inside the emirates) but anyway, I. HAD. AN. AWESOME. HOLIDAY.

The very “Filipino” night

– we ate at Jules bar (the best Filipino bar here in Dubai, not at all cheapo like all the others) and i was so surprised that i thought i would pee in my pants when the (aherm!) boyfriend enjoyed eating the famous crispy pata and sizzling sisig. he enjoyed it so much that he practically finished the whole plate of sizzling sisig. i didn’t want to tell him what was inside it at first because he might puke and barf all over the place and that’s just not a very good thing to do when you’re out on an al fresco dining area in front of loads of people trying to celebrate the first day of the eid. so i did not tell him what sisig is made off… i told him what crispy pata is since he’s not really a dumbass to not figure it out once they put it on the table – of course it’s pork knuckles and he seemed to be “ok” with that (eating pork knuckles and such). so anyway, upon tasting the sisig he told me what it’s made of and he liked it. apparently, they have it as well in his home country. after the sumptous and cholesterol-rich dinner, we entered the bar and watched with delight in our eyes the singer who sang Endless Love in both woman and man’s voice. (all the filipinos reading this will surely get what i mean – doble kara :p). the boyfriend told me that we will have A drink (stressing out the singular form of the verb he used) but it was just after 2 bottles of beer, 4 cigarette sticks and 2 bands who performed before he dragged me out of the place and told me that he is in need of a place which plays “house music” so the RNB music which he totally loathe won’t be the last thing he will hear for the night. he added that it’s enough filipino food, crowd and band for the night. much to his contempt and disapproving comments, he enjoyed the “filipino night” that we had, i know because even after we went to Warehouse to have his dose of house music he keeps humming the beyonce song – “single ladies” (uh uh ohhhh uh uh ohhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhhh).

The Warehouse

– calling all Emirates staff – we get 50% discount on drinks at the Warehouse. They play house music and I think also jazz. anyway, it’s a good surprise to see a 50% discount on your bill…. so yey for us!!!

The Facebook Notes

– i like facebook notes because you can control who sees your blogs. hihihihi. not that i have anything to hide but well, it’s just nice to be able to block the boyfriend from reading it so that he won’t know that am blabbing about him on my blogs. :p

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