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Of sickness while traveling.

March 9, 2012

We were supposed to go see the Lion Rock Fortress today but unfortunately, someone is sick. And that someone is NOT me, I’m surprised of it myself. I can’t say that I’m not disappointed for not being able to see the Fortress because that’s the only reason why Sigiriya is even in the itinerary but I’m not an evil person who would leave the poor fella on his deathbed while I take incredible photos of the Fortress. So instead, I became a nurse. Putting cold towels on the forehead of the boyfriend and being readily available to all his sickly needs – cold towels, water, extra blanket, calling the reception for a doctor and some more medicines – yes, it was that bad. He was having chills in the middle of the night with 4 layers of shirt, sweat pants, socks and 2 layers of blanket and I was a bit panicky already but I can’t show it to him.

Anyway, he’s a little bit better now, let’s just hope the episode last night will not happen again. We are off to Hikkaduwa this afternoon, 7 hours away from here and we’ve paid LKR19500 for the transfer. I hope Hikkaduwa will be better for all of us. ☺

I leave you now with a photo of my view this morning during breakfast:


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