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October 27, 2008

right, so the company party was great. it was held in one of those bedouin camps on a desert somewhere (sans the safari-thingy) and the facilitators did a good job keeping the location a secret from all the staff. seriously, nobody knows where this huge party will be taking place (even the managers) until that very day when we boarded the bus and took us in the middle of the desert. somewhere in…….. i don’t know which emirate i was in at that time, but the travel took us about an hour and a half to get there. so, go figure! as soon as we arrived at the camp, the party started. first came some people riding on a camel making a grand entrance. they were all dressed in one of those local’s dress. (i don’t know what it’s called, shoot me now). so anyway, three guys went in the middle of the floor and danced a local Arab dance. those three locals were the top three management guys of our company. and boy….. they can dance. it gave us a very different view of their personality – as at work, they are the most strict and the most feared people in our company. then you’ll see them dance…. anyhow, the rest of the guys on those camels came next. their faces were covered by white cloth when they lined up on the dance floor. much to our disbelief, when they removed the dress – the people standing in front of us were the top management team of our company. the higher ups, the who’s who, the britons – and they were dressed in a belly-dancer’s dress complete with the thick eyeliners and lipstick. they belly danced for a good 5 minutes. i did not realize that white guys can actually belly dance. ha ha! we all had fun watching our bosses make a fool out of themselves, but it’s a good feeling as well that these people are humble enough and fun enough to do that. in front of everybody else, risking the respect that they have from their subordinates. hah! but anyways, it’s fun and we all enjoyed it. buffet dinner was served after that laughing fit, we were about more than a hundred employees present there and you’d think that the buffet table will be having a long queue. good thing that the event coordinator was smart enough to figure it out, so they had 5 buffet tables that you can go to so the lines would not be that long. food and drinks were abundant that night. lots of people got drunk after the party. they also launched that singing contest ala-American-idol, and of course a Filipina who sang “I have Nothing” by Whitney Houston won the contest. Yay! We boarded the bus which will bring us back to the civilization by midnight and was home at around 1am.

The next night was the Oktoberfest party thrown in by Lufthansa Airlines solely for our company for putting in much sale. Hehe. It was an authentic German party. Beer was overflowing (food as well), but i particularly liked the varieties of sausage served. Hehehe. Of course dancing would be there, the Filipinos were literally dragged to the dance floor by the airline’s representative and it did not take her much time at all to fill the dance floor with people. Of course, yours truly will be in the middle of it all, just like last year. haha! I didn’t drink much as i have work the next day. I was drunk from last year’s oktoberfest party and swore to all the gods of hangover that i will never do that again as hangover at work is a big time b*tch. i kept my word.

anyhow, starting today until thursday is my training. and of all the trainings i’ve been to, this is just so much fun. it’s more on personality development and honing our customer service skills. it’s fun because – 1. i don’t have to work; 2. this is the only training where you don’t feel like training at all plus it doesn’t make you sleepy.

anyway, we had some personality test earlier – the bird disc. and as a bird, i fall on two categories – peacock and eagle. and the definition are as follows:

The peacock:

– a talker, confident, warm, outgoing, flamboyant, dramatic persuasive, animated, puts people before tasks.

Does not want

– to be part of the crowd, to be ignored, to be taken for granted, not be thanked, to listen, jobs that offer no chance to show talent, to work in a protected environment, activities that are boring, to work alone.

The Peacock Needs

– to do most of the talking, lots of praise and recognition, to be the center of attention, quick answers- no details, fast moving conversations.

The Eagle

– a controller, confident, dominant, assertive, fast, cool, decisive, firm, impatient, ambitious, likes to talk more than listen, puts results before people’s feelings.

Does not want

– to be part of the crowd, to hear excuses, jobs that offer no challenge or advancement, to deal with slow people, to have to explain their actions, to work in protected environments, to sacrifice themselves for others, people who can’t make decisions, indirect explanations and answers, activities that are boring, too much detail.

The Eagle Needs

– quick answers – bottom line only, fast conversational exchanges, to be in control of what’s happening, to be the one who makes decisions, to be the boss in everything.


some are true, some are not. go figure.

on a different note…………….. i have moved on. i no longer miss him, i no longer have that urge to text/call him, in fact – he could die now and i could care less. (knock on the wood)

Absence makes the heart go numb. 🙂


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