Of Long Weekends.

December 2 – National Day of Dubai hence – long weekend. Woo hoo!!!! If I was in the Philippines and had a long weekend such as this, I would’ve packed my bags by now, dragged my friends along for a weekend none of us knows what’s in store. Anyway, so how will the TURISTA spend this 3 days off?

First, there’s the desert safari adventure which I am dying to experience. Thanks to my coolest and wildest colleague – Marissa (sorry Honey, you just didn’t make it to be the wildest office mate – you’re still my best colleague though haha). So for the desert safari – what should be the outfit? Leopard prints???? Nah!!! Might scare the hell out of those camels. So that’s one day for the 3 days.

For the rest of the holiday, there’s an invitation to go to Ras Al Khaimah for the weekend. That’s a good start of exploring the UAE I suppose. Definitely considering it. The weekend’s fully booked now. Woot woot!

Pictures will be posted – I assure you.


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