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of gifts, surgery and going back home

August 13, 2008

GIFTS!!!!!! – am a sucker for it, big time. as i have previously mentioned, it’s one thing to receive some new things from someone but it’s a totally different thing to be remembered by. CHUBBY remembered me when he was in bangkok!!!! yay!!!!! got the gifts from him yesterday and was able to fit everything just now. all fits well…. definitely what am going to wear the next time i go out. roomate saw it and already made some plans of going to the beach to borrow the white top i got – reply she got was a “NO F*cking WAY”. i just could not believe that he got the things i would have really shopped for myself, not to mention he got the right sizes. ha ha ha! talk about good taste (which he can either take as a compliment or something to raise eyebrows on) hehehe. Anyway, to Chubby – a BIG thank you!!!!!!

on a different note, i am finally going home. family is excited about my coming home (it’s been just a year) and friends initially asked “what made you decide to spend your vacation back home?” and whenever i give them the answer – “i missed home, that’s why am coming back” they will not believe. what can i say? my friends know me well.

the reason of my hasted plan of going home is to finally do the surgery. tonsillectomy. a frightening thought for someone who might die at the sight of blood. everybody keeps on telling me that it’s just a minor surgery but would require a general anesthesia. am afraid of one thing – has anyone seen the movie “AWAKE”? watch it and you’ll know what am talking about.

planning to do the surgery back home for financial reason, the price of the process here in dubai could be thrice the amount of doing it in the philippines – besides, i’ll be the sick princess in the philippines after my surgery. compared to the sick, poor, lonely girl all by herself inside the hospital here in dubai. am such a spoiled brat, so sue me. 😀

the thought of me going home has not crossed my mind for the past 11 months that i have been prancing around dubai. and i could not believe that it’s been 11 months already. well, as they say, time flies when you’re having fun. :p

the longer i think of it, the more i realize that i have really missed home. and it gets me excited as the date of my coming home draws near.

1. can’t wait to see my dogs (ok, there’s something wrong with the picture here if the first thing i wrote of being excited about is to see my dogs… but i am excited to see my dogs) the hyperactive labrador – boomer, the snob japanese spitz/chow – peaches, the pure-bred chow who’s good for nothing – chunkee, the siberian husky look-alike – khiro and the not-so-cute dachshund – maxi.

2. can’t wait to eat porkchop of atoy’s and tuding’s, adobong pusit, laoya, crabs, shrimps and the gastronomical treats found around the streets of my town – isaw, balot, proven YUM! YUM! YUM!

3. can’t wait to drink the best beer in the whole wide world – San Mig Light and Red Horse

4. can’t wait to belch out my voice as i “try” to reach the high-pitched notes of Better Days by Dianne Reeves.

5. can’t wait to do the photo shoot with Simon – my photographer friend

6. can’t wait to go to Tagaytay and have coffee at Starbucks as we have the view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano right in front of us (of course with my precious precious friends who can’t wait to see me as well)

7. can’t wait to shop for clothes at the shopper’s haven – Greenhills and Divisoria.

8. can’t wait to slack around the house and piss my little cousins off and make them all cry.

9. can’t wait to spend hours and hours in front of the TV just flipping channels with my aunt

10. last but not the least…… can’t wait to feel the September breeze of the Philippines (i really need it now as it’s severely hot now in Dubai)

Can’t hardly wait

Manila, Manila…. I keep coming back to Manila

There’s no place like Manila, Manila am coming home…. 😀

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