of dying and flu….

As expected, I am down with flu. I usually get sick during the end-of-season or rather start of a new season. That would be the months of June (start of the rainy season), OCtober (start of stormy season) and March (start of summer season). It’s part of who I am, if I don’t get sick on those months there might be something wrong with me, really wrong with me.

I have already defied the curse of the month of March when I started working with Travelex, but the June and October curse were undefiable. My day last Sunday started pretty well, I was alive and kickin’. But come 10pm while I was on a call, I started feeling that heavy pain on my back up to my nape. My throat was so dry, talking was a burden without drinking water first. I doubled my water-intake but to no avail, when I got home, I died….. and slept until 1pm. Called our office to tell them I won’t be able to report for work. Then slept again.

Bought a lot of juice at the supermarket just across our building. I miss a lot of people right now. This is one of those things that I hate when I am living alone. You cannot rely on anybody, you have to do things for yourself. Even if you’re sick. You have to take care of yourself. I miss Beck, who I’ve lived with for the longest time. If she was here with me, she would’ve bought juice and instant noodles for me. I also miss Lea and John who I’ve lived with for more than a year. IF they’re here with me, they would’ve cooked food for me. Healthy meals. John would have made me laugh, Lea would have told me her endless stories about work, her pregnancy etc. etc. just to keep me company. I miss a lot of people when I get sick. But I can’t do anything about it anyway. So I might as well die again and sleep some more, which I’ve been doing the whole day.


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  • badoodles.wordpress.com June 15, 2007 at 10:23

    i am also a flu-virus favorite. these months are the times they get to attack my system. the best defense i have now is an adult vaccine for flu. it costs about 500 (mercury drug price by july) to 1,250 (to a doctor). it’s costly but considering the days you get to be absent because of the flu, it’s quite a fair price to pay. plus you never get to worry of being under ‘sieged’ all year round. the downside is you always have to ‘upgrade’ your vaccince to the latest strain of flu virus every year. the anti flu vaccine for this year is now available and m up to getting my year’s shot.

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