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Observatory | Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel and Suites

February 6, 2011
Observatory, Dubai Marriott Harbour and Suites

I kept thinking why I haven’t been to Observatory before even though I knew that we get staff discount there. So yesterday, we went on that long elevator ride going to the 52nd floor of this magnificent building. I wouldn’t recommend it to people with claustrophobia and are afraid of heights. :p

Yes, the view is amazing from the top and you literally get to see the Palm Jumeira. I think I’d vote this place to have the best view of Dubai. It was only 7pm when we arrived there and half of the people who were there before us were already drunk, probably they’ve been there since brunch as it was a Friday night. Some were too drunk as we saw a girl threw up on her way to the toilet which isn’t really a very pretty sight nor a good aromatic experience. :p

We went there just to have our pre-dinner beer since most of the reviews about the place were saying that it’s too expensive (even after the staff discount) and the food isn’t that great. I was more concerned with it being expensive, yes I’m cheap so we just had our drinks and got a 25% staff discount which brought our bill down to AED153 for 5 glasses of beer. Sweet!

The service was the quickest we’ve had here in Dubai to think that it was flanked by a lot of people at the time. We ordered a beer and the waitress went for merely 5 seconds and came back with an ice-cold tall glass of beer in her hands – i’m not kidding!

Would i go back to the observatory? Oh yes! specially during happy hour which is between 6-9pm I believe. It’s a good place to bring your Dubai guests to get the spectacular view of the Palm Jumeira, maybe an afternoon visit would be better to get a better view of it. I heard their Friday brunch is a must-try, we would have tried it if not too expensive.


I must say that the second time we went to the observatory wasn’t as good as the first. We arrived at the place around 5pm as we wanted to see how the “view” looks like during daylight and this is how it was:

The aerial view they have of Dubai is their bragging rights, no doubt about it. As mentioned earlier, we went there at around 5pm and found out that they’re just going to start serving alcoholic drinks by 6pm. Boo hoo! So i settled for a glass of coke and iced espresso for the boyfriend and i also ordered some potato wedges which i thought would be a small serving but then they gave us this:

The Observatory, Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel and Suites


It was real good though. Fast forward 1 hour later, at exactly 6pm the crowd started coming and I literally meant EXACTLY 6pm. By 6:15pm, the place was filled up instantly. Anyway, we asked for the bill by 7pm so we can have dinner somewhere else and we got the bill at 7:45pm. Yeah, that kinda suck waiting for your bill for 45minutes to think that the place was not as crowded as the first time we went there and the service then was real fast. Or maybe we just had a different waitress the first time? Anyway, we were THISCLOSE to just walking out of the place as clearly, they don’t want us to pay anyway. 🙂 If only i haven’t already given them my staff ID to avail of the staff discount (we paid AED135 for 1 order of potato wedges, 1 coke, 1 coffee and 3 beers). But sure, I’ll still go back to this place whenever a friend stops by in Dubai and would want to see an aerial view of the Palm Jumeira.

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