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obama for the win

June 6, 2008

i know, i know. am one of the apathetic citizens who know zilch about politics. i know almost nothing about the politics in the philippines nowadays, let alone what is happening with the politics all over the world. but this presidential race in the US gets me a bit hyped up once in awhile. not really into it though but just the thought of having the first woman ever to be elected as the president of the US or the first black to get that position is trivial – it gets me excited. i was silently rooting for obama from day one, not that i don’t like clinton but the subject of ridding RACISM against ridding FEMINISM is more…. hmmmm….. interesting? hehehe. well, shoot me… am not an american and am just (somewhat) inclined to their politics now because of the RACISM issue. it would be grand if ever Obama wins the seat, the question is – is america ready for an inter-racial government? headed by Barack Obama? name doesn’t sound too american, so well…. let’s see. but let’s all admit, having Obama ever to be nominated as a president is already a breakthrough for the US. so, win or lose… am happy Obama got the nomination. not that i won’t be happy if ever clinton got it, i mean – it’s a battle between first woman and first black. first black is much more exciting, so am rooting for obama. haha! but if this election is happening in the philippines, and say obama lost the election. it would be a total riot afterwards, protests/rallies all over the place against a racist nation. am sure of that that will happen if ever this election is in the philippines, but how about for the US? i already have my answer, better just keep it to myself until november of this year. but if ever obama did win and america still gets the protests against having a black president, then it would be such a disgrace for their nation. it’s like living in a world a hundred years back, back during the days of martin luther king. if ever protests will happen against a black president it would be a sign that their nation hasn’t moved forward yet. but i don’t think there will be hardcore racists still…… but hey! what do i know?

why in the world am i talking about politics anyway? i know nothing about it. am just into it ‘coz of the gossip… hehehe. first black! woo hoo!!!!! :p

so anyways, back to my usual self. talk about non-sensical things. for security reasons, i have to write the following in tagalog. i know the person who am about to talk about reads my blogs, so to avoid any more issues, tagalog it is.

so yun nga, kung baket ba naman kasi chineck ko pa ang myspace account niya…. eh hindi naman na ako nagchecheck ng account niya, di ko alam kung anong klaseng kunsensya ang bumulong sakin bigla at naisip ko na i-open ang page niya. so yun, inopen ko. at ang nakita ko ay mga litratong di kanais nais. shyet!!!! nasaktan ako bigla. akala ko ok na ako, akala ko wala na akong pakialam. eh meron pa pala. may katiting na natitira. tapos yung katiting na yun ay masakit pa din pala. shiyet! nakita ko yung mga pictures nila. huhuhuhu. tapos kahit isang picture ay wala ako. kakaiba! eh samantalang……. ah ewan! inisip ko na email ko kaya siya, tapos nung nagcocompose na ako ng email ay parang – wag na lang kaya? dahil para san pa di ba? eh tapos na naman yun. di ko na kelangan pang halungkatin ang nakaraan. what’s past is past sabi nga nila. eh pano kasi, chismosa ako eh. kung anu ano tuloy ang nakikita ko. sabi nga, what you don’t know won’t hurt you. motto ko yun eh. eh pero sarili kong motto, hindi ko sinusunod. hahaha. pasaway nga kasi ako. so yan, kelangang pagdusahan kung ano man ang mga nalaman ngayong araw na ito. bantrip! ok na sana eh. kabwiset!

yun lang naman ang maisheshare ko bayan….

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