Noon Beauty Centre, The First And Only Organic Salon in Doha.

Noon Beauty Centre, Doha, Qatar

A well-maintained garden is what awaits you as soon as you walk past the gate of Noon Beauty Centre. It was a welcome treat for my eyes, much like an oasis in the middle of the desert that we live in. I followed the stone path leading to the wooden entrance door of the salon and was immediately impressed as I entered. Wood dominates this place which I think is so unique compared to the other salons I’ve been to. I never realized how being surrounded by wooden design can create such a relaxing atmosphere.

Noon Beauty Centre, Doha, Qatar

Noon Beauty Centre is the first and the only salon in Doha which offers organic materials for all your beautifying needs. They promote a holistic approach to total beauty and well-being which focuses on the inner beauty which I think is always neglected as we’re all much focused on the external appearance nowadays.

At Noon, you have a wide-range of beauty products which are all chemical-free. With all the astonishing amount of chemicals that we are being exposed to on a daily basis, I think having the option of organic products within our reach is a must.

Why choose organic products?

  • Your body absorbs everything that you put on your skin – it may be lotion, shampoo or even nail polish. The chemicals in these products eventually goes into your system which may cause some health problems for you in the future. Some of these chemicals are so harmful that they’re known to be carcinogens which may affect your immune system.
  • Organic products are highly recommended to people with sensitive skin as it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals which causes allergies for some people.
  • Organic products uses high-quality, (mostly) plant-based ingredients unlike what the cheaper, synthetic products use. It also doesn’t clog pores and are anti-inflammatory.
  • And of course, it’s also good for the environment since they don’t use chemicals or fertilizers in their ingredients which affects water supply and eco-system. Organic products normally take it one step further and also uses recyclable packages.

Noon Beauty Centre, Doha, Qatar

Noon Beauty Centre offers organic hair, skin and nail care services. They also carry a wide-range of products from the organic make-up brand Zao and the organic hair product range of Tabitha. They also hold yoga and pilates classes in one of their studios which are led by certified instructors.

Noon Beauty Centre, Doha, Qatar

Seminars about beauty and well-being are also being conducted here in fact, they are having one on the 19th January called A Day of Self-Exploration which will discuss healthy diet and lifestyle according to your body type, breathing techniques, relaxation and winter beauty remedies, tips and skin care. The registration for this event is over however, I was informed that there’s a huge demand for it and they’re planning to hold another similar event in the future. You may want to follow their Facebook page for future updates.

Noon Beauty Centre, Doha, Qatar

I was invited to try the Moroccan Bath and organic manicure and pedicure which were both lovely. The staff at Noon Beauty Centre definitely knows how to take care of their clients, I’ll be writing about these experiences on separate posts. Yes, it deserves a separate post. Meanwhile, I suggest for you to visit Noon Beauty Centre to try out their organic products and services and start being beautiful and healthy from within.

Click here to read about my Moroccan Bath experience at Noon Beauty Centre.

Noon Beauty Centre
68 Al Tarafa, Duhail South (Opp College of North Atlantic)
Tel No 4492 2330
Noon Beauty Centre, Doha, Qatar

Noon Beauty Centre also offers normal (non-organic) beauty products to cater all kinds of clients. I was a guest at Noon Beauty Centre however as always, photos are my own and opinion stated are genuine and are in no way influenced. 


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